Receptacle definition

Receptacle means a containment vessel for receiving and holding substances or articles, including any means of closing. This definition does not apply to shells (see also "Cryogenic receptacle", "Inner receptacle", "Pressure receptacle", "Rigid inner receptacle" and "Gas cartridge");
Receptacle means any storage container, including bins and bags, used for the storage of any category of MSW ;
Receptacle means an approved container having a capacity for temporary storage of waste in terms of these by-laws;

Examples of Receptacle in a sentence

  • A Licensed Street Trader shall not cause or permit any Receptacle, part of a Receptacle, vehicles, Goods or other articles whatsoever to project or be played beyond the Pitch Limits or above the height of three metres (10’) from the ground.

  • All food Receptacles must be registered with the local authority in whose area the Receptacle is kept and stored.

  • Any table, chair or barrier, Receptacle or display stand used in connection with this licence shall be kept clean and in good repair and shall be repaired, repainted or replaced within 30 days of a written request from the Council.

  • Joshua Reynolds, Northwestern UniversityWhy the Third Kind in Plato’s Timaeus is Not a Receptacle (15 mins.) 5.

  • A Licensed Street Trader shall ensure that any Stall, gazebo, barrow, Receptacle, etc.

More Definitions of Receptacle

Receptacle means any bin, box, container, roll cart, tub, or other object designed for receiving, holding, or storing material.
Receptacle means a container that is composed of durable material and designed to prevent the discharge of its contents and to make its contents inaccessible to animals, vermin, or other pests.
Receptacle means a vehicle, refrigerated mobile unit, basket, bag, box, vessel, stand, Stall, easel, board, tray or thing which is used (whether or not constructed or adapted for such use) as a container for or for the display of any article or thing or equipment used in the provision of any service or sale or offer or display of Goods for sale.
Receptacle means a contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of a single attachment plug.
Receptacle means a container or carry box used to store or carry explosives, but does not include a magazine;
Receptacle means a container approved by the Municipality and having the capacity for the temporary storage of waste;
Receptacle means a contact device installed at an outlet for the connec- tion of a single attachment plug. A sin- gle receptacle is a single contact device with no other contact device on the same yoke. A multiple receptacle is a single device containing two or more receptacles.