Definition of Heavy Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance means maintenance which takes place when the equipment has to be removed from its designated operational position usually undertaken in the workshop or in the case of LRV(s) in the Heavy Maintenance area of the Depot.

Heavy Maintenance means: (a) a C check or above; (b) the overhaul of the landing gear; (c) a performance restoration of an APU; and (d) with respect to the Boeing 767-300 model Aircraft, a performance restoration of an Engine.

Examples of Heavy Maintenance in a sentence

Name Quantity Operator’s Manual 200 Service and Inspection Manual 30 Running Maintenance Manual 10 sets Troubleshooting Manual 10 sets Heavy Maintenance Manual 10 sets Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) 10 sets Integrated Schematic Manual 10 sets Manual quantities are subject to change.
The following manuals are required: • Operator’s Manual • Service and Inspection Manual • Troubleshooting Guide • Running Maintenance Manual • Heavy Maintenance Manual • Integrated Schematic Manual • Illustrated Parts Catalog PRIIA 305-005/Amtrak 982 Technical Specification Revision A 249 Copyright 2012 Amtrak All rights reserved Training and Documentation 22-5 The manuals shall include full descriptions of all systems and components requiring maintenance or servicing.
In Baclaran Expansion Depot, Train Unloading Area and the area in front of Light Maintenance Shed and Heavy Maintenance Workshop shall be paved with concrete.
The Industrial Waste Water pipe line will collect industrial waste water from Light Maintenance Shop and Heavy Maintenance Workshop, then after passing through the oil/ grease interceptor connect to the domestic/ industrial waste water drainage manhole at the border of Existing Depot and Expansion Depot.
F-1 Discussion on the City's Role and Involvement in Potential Sites for the High Speed Rail Heavy Maintenance Facility and Direction to Staff Mayor Pro Tern Oliver stated he wanted to bring this item forward and really just begin a discussion and dialogue with his colleagues and staff, and also offer the opportunity to share some input and ideas as well.