Emergency Maintenance definition

Emergency Maintenance means all maintenance performed when a Cloud Service Request demands immediate, unplanned attention, as reasonably determined by Hexagon.
Emergency Maintenance means any period of maintenance for which, due to reasons beyond its reasonable control, Sprint Convergence is unable to provide prior notice of.
Emergency Maintenance means work which is required at short (or no) notice due to an unexpected, unpredictable, or impending Fault and which must be carried out immediately upon appearance of the Fault in order to maintain or restore operation of either the System or a system or equipment not used by the Service Provider but co-located on a Site used by the Service Provider;

Examples of Emergency Maintenance in a sentence

  • The Supplier may implement an Emergency Maintenance outage to install a critical security patch provided by a third party vendor, or to deal with an Incident where the severity of the Incident is such that an outage to correct on short notice is warranted.

  • Any Routine or Emergency Maintenance Events which occur outside of these hours and which were not requested or caused by the Customer, shall be considered downtime for the purpose of service availability measurement under paragraph 1 of this Schedule 2.

  • Notice will be provided as soon as reasonably practicable following an Emergency Maintenance event.

  • During Routine or Emergency Maintenance Events, the Company may, at its discretion, upgrade versions, install error corrections and apply patches to the Platform.

  • If patches are classified urgent by vendor due to a security risk; or if Customer requests that a patch be classified urgent then LightEdge will perform an emergency patch during next scheduled Emergency Maintenance window.

More Definitions of Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance means unforeseen emergency work required to be urgently undertaken by us or our authorised representative(s), acting on our behalf, to prevent a major disruption to the Service(s).
Emergency Maintenance means any period of maintenance for which, due to reasons beyond its
Emergency Maintenance means maintenance carried out under a condition or situation which poses danger to the system, equipment, network, facilities required for rendering the Service etc. as the case may be and has to be attended immediately. Service Provider shall try to notify the Customer about the emergency maintenance in advance, whenever feasible.
Emergency Maintenance means activity taken by or on behalf of Kigen in order to investigate and/or remedy any actual or potential emergency issue or security threat, including without limitation where any Customer hardware and/or software behaves in a manner that threatens the proper functioning or integrity of the Service (e.g. through aggressive connection attempts).
Emergency Maintenance means WAVE’s efforts to correct conditions on the WAVE Network that are likely to cause a material disruption to or outage in services provided by WAVE and which require immediate action. Emergency Maintenance may degrade the quality of the Services provided to Customer, including possible outages. Any such outages are Excused Outages that will not entitle Customer to credits under this SLA. WAVE may undertake Emergency Maintenance at any time WAVE deems necessary and will provide Customer with notice of such Emergency Maintenance as soon as commercially practicable under the circumstances.
Emergency Maintenance are maintenance activities required to address any unforeseeable circumstances aiming to prevent significant impact to the Cloud Service. Such situations include application of critical application patches and operating system security patches (security patches with priority “very high”) and/or performing critical operating system activities (urgent upgrades and/or refresh of shared components).
Emergency Maintenance means activities required at short or without notice to rectify fault or failure of infrastructure and or software where without timely action a service may be degraded or fail.