Additional Rental definition

Additional Rental has the meaning set forth in Section 4.03.
Additional Rental has the meaning set forth in Section 5.B.
Additional Rental means all amounts payable by the City pursuant to Section 6.01(b)

Examples of Additional Rental in a sentence

  • The amount of the increase or decrease shall be applied to the Additional Rental Rate for the current Lease Year, to arrive at the Additional Rent for the succeeding Lease Year.

  • The CPI-U, NE Cities Index reported four months prior to each anniversary of the Commencement Date shall be used to determine the amount of the adjustment to the Additional Rental Rate.

  • In any such event, the direct cost of such work together with any incremental property management costs incurred by Landlord shall be paid for by Tenant as Additional Rental upon receipt of an invoice therefor.

  • Certificateholders shall be entitled to payment of a defined share in the Additional Rental Amount received from the continuation of the leasing of the Lease Assets (such amount to be the "Additional Dissolution Distribution Amount") and the Additional Dissolution Distribution Amount shall be distributed by the Issuer to the Certificateholders as part of the Dissolution Distribution Amount in accordance with these Conditions.

  • The aggregate amount of the Lease Payments and Additional Rental Payments coming due and payable during each Rental Period constitute the total rental for the Leased Property for such Rental Period, and are payable by the City in each Rental Period for and in consideration of the right of the use and occupancy of, and the continued quiet use and enjoyment of the Leased Property during each Rental Period.

More Definitions of Additional Rental

Additional Rental means all sums payable by Tenant pursuant to this Lease, except Annual Basic Rental.
Additional Rental means: Any and all amounts due or becoming payable to the Landlord pursuant to this Lease other than the Minimum Net Net Rental, whether such amounts are specifically referred to as Additional Rental or not, the whole payable pursuant to the Article entitled "Additional Rental".
Additional Rental means all amounts payable by the District as Additional Rental pursuant to Section 3.08 of the Lease Agreement.
Additional Rental. (as defined in Section 7.4) based on such actual Floor Area.
Additional Rental for any succeeding calendar year shall mean Tenant’s Percentage Share of the Operating Expenses for such calendar year in excess of the Expense Stop. “Tenant’s Percentage Share” shall mean a fraction, the numerator of which is the total number of square feet of Net Rentable Area within the Premises and the denominator of which is the greater of (i) ninety-five percent (95%) of the total square footage of all Net Rentable Area in the Project, or (ii) the total square footage of all Net Rentable Area in the Project actually leased to rent paying tenants. In no event shall Operating Expenses increase by more than five percent (5%) over the prior year (provided that this cap does not apply to Tenant’s Percentage Share of real estate taxes, liability insurance, and electricity cost per kilowatt hour to Landlord).
Additional Rental means an amount equal to the Deposit;