Utility Allowance definition

Utility Allowance means a monthly allowance, as provided by the local public housing authority or as otherwise allowed by HUD rules and the GLO rules, for utilities and services (excluding telephone services) to be paid by the tenant. Contextual Note: Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, an above definition for a singular term shall also apply (where appropriate) to the plural form of such term and vice versa to the extent necessary for giving the proper meanings to the terms defined in this Article II and/or terms otherwise used in this Agreement.
Utility Allowance means the applicable utility allowances for the unit type using the then current Arlington County Section 8 Program Allowances for Tenant Furnished Utilities and Other Services, as set forth in Exhibit G or as otherwise permitted by applicable federal regulations and approved by the County Manager or his designee.
Utility Allowance means the amount of utility costs paid by those individuals in subsidized housing who pay their own utility bills, as averaged from total utility costs for the housing unit by the housing authority.

Examples of Utility Allowance in a sentence

The property has an initial Contract Rent of $500, with a $50 Utility Allowance.

For buildings that are using an energy consumption model utility allowance estimate, the estimate shall be calculated using the most recent version of the California Utility Allowance Calculator (CUAC) developed by the California Energy Commission.

Prior to the meeting, the energy analyst shall complete an initial energy model based on either current Title 24 standards or, if the project is eligible, the California Utility Allowance Calculator using best available information on the project.

Further, HUD is establishing the alternative requirement that until such time that the family’s TTP falls below the gross rent, the rent to the owner for the unit will equal the lesser of (a) the family’s TTP, less the Utility Allowance, or (b) any applicable maximum rent under LIHTC regulations.

If there is a Utility Allowance and if the Allowance exceeds the total Family contribution, the Owner shall pay the Family the amount of the excess.

More Definitions of Utility Allowance

Utility Allowance means the average amount of separately metered utility costs, determined by the City and published on the City's web site.
Utility Allowance means that portion of Housing Expenses that the City determines, from time to time, is adequate for the reasonable Utility costs of Affordable Units in the event the Owner makes tenants responsible for payment for their own Utilities.
Utility Allowance means that portion of housing expenses for utilities. Therefore, Affordable Rents are calculated assuming payment of all utilities (not including phone, internet service, or cable or satellite television) by the Owner. In the event gas and/or electric utilities, used for purposes of heating, cooking and/or lighting, are paid directly by the tenant, then the monthly Affordable Rent will be reduced by the following allowance:
Utility Allowance means a deduction to Affordable Rent, established by the City or its Designee, for tenant-paid Utilities.
Utility Allowance means a dollar amount determined in a manner acceptable to the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, which may include a dollar amount established periodically by the Housing Authority based on standards established by HUD for the cost of basic utilities for households, adjusted for Household Size. If such dollar amount is not available from the Housing Authority or HUD, then Developer or Vertical Developer, as applicable, may use another publicly available and credible dollar amount that is Approved by the Agency.
Utility Allowance means the value of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water costs that are included in the gross rent of the participant. This does not include telephone or cable TV services.