Other Authority Sample Clauses

Other Authority. Producers are also authorized to deliver or arrange for delivery of any contracts or policies issued by Insurance Companies and to collect initial premiums on those contracts or policies. In connection with the offer and sale of the Products authorized for sale under this Agreement, Producers are authorized to use any sales materials and prospectuses relating to the Products that have been provided or authorized by the applicable Insurance Company or Distributors.
Other Authority. The General Partner agrees to use its best efforts to operate the Partnership in such a way that (i) the Partnership would be exempt from the provisions of the Investment Company Act, (ii) none of the Partnership's assets would be deemed to be "plan assets" for purposes of Section 4975 of the Code or ERISA, (iii) the Partnership would be in compliance with the Advisers Act, and (iv) the Partnership would be in compliance with any other material law, regulation, order or guideline applicable to the Partnership. The General Partner is hereby authorized to take any action it has determined in good faith to be necessary or desirable in order for (i) the Partnership's assets not to be "plan assets" for purposes of ERISA, (ii) the Partnership to be exempt from the provisions of the Investment Company Act, (iii) the Partnership not to be in violation of the Advisers Act and (iv) the Partnership not to be in violation of any other material law, regulation, order or guideline applicable to the Partnership, including, in each case, (x) making any structural, operating or other changes in the Partnership by amending this Agreement, (y) requiring the sale in whole or in part of a Limited Partner's limited partner interest in the Partnership with respect to or as a result of whom such violation arose, or otherwise causing the withdrawal of such Limited Partner from the Partnership or (z) dissolving the Partnership. Any action taken by the General Partner pursuant to Section 2.10 shall not require the approval of any Limited Partner.
Other Authority. In the event that any election, referendum, approval, permit, notice, or other proceeding or authorization is required under applicable law to enable the parties to enter into this Agreement or to undertake the provisions set forth hereunder, or to observe, assume or carry out any of the provisions of the Agreement, said parties will initiate and consummate, as provided by law, all actions necessary with respect to any such matters as required.
Other Authority. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Partnership shall have the authority to enter into, deliver and perform the Separation Agreements, and any amendments to the Separation Agreements and any such action taken prior to the date of this Agreement is hereby ratified and confirmed in all respects.
Other Authority. The Plan Administrator may authorize in writing any person to execute any document or documents on the Plan Administrator’s behalf, and any interested person, upon receipt of notice of such authorization directed to it, may thereafter accept and rely upon any document executed by such authorized person until the Plan Administrator shall deliver to such interested person a written revocation of such authorization.
Other Authority. The Trustee is authorized to execute and deliver any and all instruments and to perform any and all acts which may be necessary or proper to enable it to discharge its duties under this Agreement and to carry out the powers and authority conferred upon it.
Other Authority. The Operator shall have authority to undertake all other activities reasonably necessary to fulfill its duties pursuant to Section 5.
Other Authority. In addition to the above authority, the Contract Manager shall have such other rights and powers as are specified elsewhere in the Contract Documents. Decisions and determinations and the exercise of his authority pursuant to this paragraph, where additional costs are involved, are subject to review by the Owners and to Owners’ approval before becoming effective. RESPONSE: UNDERSTOOD
Other Authority. None of the provisions of this Agreement limit or restrict any other government authority that is permitted by law to audit, evaluate, investigate, or inspect the ET3 Partner, Downstream Practitioners, or Billing Parties.