Holding Companies definition

Holding Companies means, collectively, the Company and Holdings, and each is a “Holding Company”.
Holding Companies means, collectively, Holdco and VoteCo.

Examples of Holding Companies in a sentence

  • The Company being registered as a Non-Banking Financial Institution on 24th February, 1998 In terms of the provisions of Non-Banking Financial (Non-Deposit Accepting or Holding) Companies Prudential Norms (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2007.

  • In the US, the Federal Reserve currently interprets US legislation such as to allow certain Bank Holding Companies (BHCs) to engage in trading of physical commodities, subject to specific conditions and restrictions.

  • Joint Ventures and Holding Companies: Credentials of the partners of Joint ventures cannot (repeat cannot) be clubbed for the purpose of compliance of PQC in supply of Goods/Equipment, and each partner must comply with all the PQC criteria independently.

  • Name of TransactionHolding CompanyAmount Rs.Name of Transaction Holding Companies Fellow KMP Total Company under Subsidiariescommon controlInterest Charged on Loans- 46,797,780 ^ 46,797,780 - (6,461,247)-(6,461,247)Loan Given- 350,000,000 ^ 350,000,000 (160,00,000) (160,00,000) ---- -(*) The figures include Sales Tax / Service Tax as applicable (**) Represents transactions with Thomson Press (India) Limited.(^) Represents transactions with Radio Today Broadcasting Limited.

  • In order to avoid irregularities, to promote a robust operation and to protect the whistleblower, the Bank has set up the policy in acoordance with Article 34-2 of the “Implementation Rules of Internal Audit and Internal Control System of Financial Holding Companies and Banking Industries” of the Financial Supervisory Commission of the ROC and Article 21, § 1, 8° of the Belgian Banking Law.

More Definitions of Holding Companies

Holding Companies means Holdings, Intermediate Holdings, Marathon Manufacturing Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation, General Cable Management, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and General Cable Overseas Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation, General Cable Investments, SGPS SA, a Madeira corporation, General Cable Holdings de Mexico SA de CV, a Mexican corporation, General Cable Holdings New Zealand, a New Zealand corporation, General Cable Holdings (Spain) SRL, a Spanish corporation, General Cable Holdings Netherlands C.V., a Dutch corporation, and General Cable Holdings (UK) Limited, an English corporation.
Holding Companies. Passthrough Holdings, Blocker Holdings and Management Holdings, collectivelyMidco and Intermediate GP, collectively (and, in each case, any Successor Holding Company in respect thereof pursuant to and as defined in Subsection 9.16(e) of the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement), and each individually, a “Holding Company”.”
Holding Companies means each of the Subsidiaries of the Borrower listed in Item A of Schedule III hereto and any other Subsidiary of the Borrower that constitutes a "holding company" from time to time acquired or created in accordance with clause (c) of Section 7.1.7.
Holding Companies has the meaning provided such term in the Recitals.
Holding Companies means, collectively, GGP Real Estate Holding I, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and GGP Real Estate Holding II, Inc., a Delaware corporation.