Holding Companies definition

Holding Companies means, collectively, the Company and Holdings, and each is a “Holding Company”.
Holding Companies. Passthrough Holdings, Blocker Holdings and Management Holdings, collectivelyMidco and Intermediate GP, collectively (and, in each case, any Successor Holding Company in respect thereof pursuant to and as defined in Subsection 9.16(e) of the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement), and each individually, a “Holding Company”.”
Holding Companies means, collectively, Holdco and VoteCo.

Examples of Holding Companies in a sentence

  • No action or inaction of the Seller, the Business, Holding Companies or Company Subsidiaries would reasonably be expected to entitle any landlord or any other party to exercise any right of entry, right to forfeiture, right to take possession or right to terminate any Holding Company’s or Company Subsidiary’s continued sole and exclusive possession and occupation of the Leased Real Property.

  • Each of the Holding Companies and Company Subsidiaries, as applicable, has a valid and binding leasehold interest in the Leased Real Property, in each case free and clear of any Lien other than Permitted Liens.

  • All such Tax Returns are accurate and complete in all material respects, and all material Taxes due and owing by the Seller and its Affiliates (in respect of the Business), the Business, the Holding Companies or the Company Subsidiaries (whether or not shown on such Tax Returns), and including, for the avoidance of doubt, withholding Taxes, have been paid or withheld when due.

  • Except as set forth in Section 4.24(a) of the Seller Disclosure Letter, none of the Seller or its Affiliates (in respect of the Business), the Business or any of the Holding Companies or Company Subsidiaries has any material Liability to any customer in respect of any Product failing to conform to product specifications or warranties that is not reserved against in the Most Recent Financial Information.

  • From and after the Closing, the Purchaser shall cause the applicable Holding Companies or Company Subsidiaries during the ninety (90)-day period following the Closing to provide, any required notice under the WARN Act and to otherwise comply with the WARN Act and such other Law with respect to any “plant closing” or “mass layoff” (as defined in the WARN Act) or group termination or similar event affecting Company Continuing Employees and occurring on or after the Closing Date.

More Definitions of Holding Companies

Holding Companies means Holdings, Intermediate Holdings, Marathon Manufacturing Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation, General Cable Management, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and General Cable Overseas Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation, General Cable Investments, SGPS SA, a Madeira corporation, General Cable Holdings de Mexico SA de CV, a Mexican corporation, General Cable Holdings New Zealand, a New Zealand corporation, General Cable Holdings (Spain) SRL, a Spanish corporation, General Cable Holdings Netherlands C.V., a Dutch corporation, and General Cable Holdings (UK) Limited, an English corporation.
Holding Companies means each of the Subsidiaries of the Borrower listed in Item A of Schedule III hereto and any other Subsidiary of the Borrower that constitutes a "holding company" from time to time acquired or created in accordance with clause (c) of Section 7.1.7.
Holding Companies means the collective reference to Super Holdings, Intermediate Holdings, Hungarian Holdings and Valkyrie Holdings; and “Holding Company” means any one of them.
Holding Companies. Hawaii Soupson LLC and Hawaii 2 x 5 O Properties Trust.