Found definition

Found means admitted by the defendant or found to be true by the trier of fact
Found means the physical location where the child suffers the incident of harm or neglect (or is identified to be at risk of harm or neglect), e.g. nursery or school, boarding school, hospital, one-off event, such as a fairground, holiday home or outing or where a privately fostered or looked after child is living with their carers.

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  • Found at: html (last visited Dec.

  • Found at: (last visited Dec.

  • Found at: warming nz2.pdf (last visited Dec.

  • Found at: (last visited Dec.

  • Found at: (last visited Dec.

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Found means a determination by the school, following an investigation, based upon any type of information or evidence deemed by the school to be credible and substantial. The school shall have the right to act upon information or evidence that may not be admissible in a court of law.
Found means determined or ascertained by adjudication or consent in a final SRO proceeding, administra- tive proceeding, or court action.
Found means any Deals sourced by executive or through executive’s network exclusively, which shall be documented with a written declaration in the form of an email sent to the Board or such other person or persons as may be designated by the Board, introducing the Deal as a Deal sourced exclusively by them or in the case of Deals sourced jointly by Executive and another member of the Exploration Division, as a deal sourced jointly with the other member or members identified in the declaration. In the event more than one party files a written declaration per the above for the same project, precedence will be given based on the timing of submission of such written declaration and the nature of relationship with the seller. The Compensation Committee of the Board may decide to split or allocate this bonus incentive at its sole discretion. Some assets or projects may automatically be disqualified from this bonus incentive if the assets are located in a working area where the Company already has a strategic roll-up plan in place and/or if other Company executives or directors are already working on the same asset or project. Initials: ________ _______ SCHEDULE 3.7 Paid Holidays
Found means determined or
Found means determined or ascertained in any adverse final SRO proceeding, administrative proceeding, or court action, including a consent decree.21 Other definitions are based on definitions in Form A D V.22
Found. B The Greek word "eurisko," means to find, to come upon, to