Proven definition

Proven means that a court of competent jurisdiction has entered a final unappealable judgment on a claim adjudging an entity or person liable for a monetary judgment.
Proven here means that the proposition is supported by grounds that are sufficient for endorsing it at the end of the proceedings. Different legal system specify the standards for sufficiency of grounds in different ways. For instance, American law says that the grounds must exclude any reasonable doubt (in criminal law) or should provide prepon- derant evidence (in civil law), while Dutch law says that they should determine the in-

Examples of Proven in a sentence

  • Proven Experience in the field of transportation with minimum 3 years should be enclosed with no accidents.

  • Proven track record for delivering on programs with complex business deliverables.Excellent track record in Partner, Vendor, Account and Project Management.

  • Proven knowledge and skills in managing and establishing multi stakeholder coordination in national and district level.

  • Proven ability to work both independently and within a team environment.

  • Proven capacity from PV has the potential to influence the spinning reserve requirement as well as the need for new generation.

More Definitions of Proven

Proven meaning the buyer has shown at least 5 different times in the last 24 twenty four months or has finished at least 2 championed dogs in the AKC ring. There will be no bite guarantee for just breeding homes. Buyer agrees not to play games such as TUG OF WAR, or give the puppy HARD BONES or CHEWS on a consistent basis that can cause the puppys bite to go off.There is NO GUARANTEE as to the reproduction ability of the said dog.Buyer agrees that if said dog is shown, and becomes a Champion, a picture along with a copy of Championship certificate will be sent to the Breeder/Seller. Breeder/Seller may publish this information stating that Ballardhaus Rottweilers, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx is the Breeder/Seller of the dog along with the Buyer stated as being the owner. Breeder shall maintain the right to post any and all information about the show dog on their website for promotional reasons. Buyer agrees that this dog will not be used for breeding purposes until it has met the following criteria: 1) Proof of registration with the AKC or other certified dog registry (e.g., ADRK, UKC, CKC); 2) Proof of passing OFA or other recognizable certification for hips (i.e. OVC, PENNHIP, ADRK) has been acquired; 3) Dog or Bitch is at least 2 years/ 24 months old.If the buyer breeds the dog or bitch before the age of two (2) years, this contract in its entirety is considered NULL & VOID.If the dog is a STUD the breeder reserves all breeding rights for a bitch Ballardhaus owns at no stud fee to the breeder. Buyer agrees to sign all litter registration that is associated with any breedings of the stud to a Ballardhaus bitch. Any and all transportation or collection fees associated with this breeding will be at the cost of Ballardhaus. Ballardhaus maintains this right to be able to have this breed back to maintain the lines of their breeding stock.
Proven means used successfully within NASA.
Proven in mining industry jargon means verified (through extensive drilling and testing) as an unassailable fact.[What BS, what total ignorance of mining!!!!!!!!!!!]
Proven is defined as meaning proven to the satisfaction of the insurance carrier, or, in the event that there is no insurance coverage, proven to the satisfaction of the Board. The provisions of this section shall not apply to automobiles.
Proven means those reserves for which tonnage is computed from dimensions revealed in outcrops, trenches, underground workings or drill holes and for which the sites for inspection, sampling and measurement are so spaced with respect to the complexity of seam geometry within the deposit that the size and shape of the deposit is established to within a level of confidence of 90%.
Proven means discovered hydrocarbons which it is highly likely to be economically viable to produce.