Finding definition

Finding means a decision, determination or ruling made in the course of proceedings that does not finally decide, determine or dispose of the matter to which the proceedings relate;

Examples of Finding in a sentence

  • Finding: N/R - The project is migrating from a paper-based system.

  • For purposes of directly establishing an Adverse Analytical Finding under Article 2.1, Samples shall be analyzed only in WADA-accredited laboratories or laboratories otherwise approved by WADA.

  • Finding ways to capture the cleanest fractions of rain water for reuse this water instead of simply dumping it to the river is critical.

  • An anti-doping rule violation resulting from an Adverse Analytical Finding for a substance which is only prohibited In-Competition shall be rebuttably presumed to be not “intentional” if the substance is a Specified Substance and the Athlete can establish that the Prohibited Substance was Used Out-of-Competition.

  • Finding the right strategy, however, is often based on a time-consuming trial-and-error approach.

More Definitions of Finding

Finding means the Office of Inspector General's determination regarding whether an allegation is substantiated, unsubstantiated, or unfounded.
Finding means an assessment conclusion that identifies a condition having a significant effect on an item or activity. An assessment finding is normally a deficiency and is normally accompanied by specific examples of the observed condition.
Finding means a determination based on a preponderance of
Finding means a verification whether the FSTD is in compliance or non- compliance with the applicable requirements and which shall be recorded as results/discrepancies in the evaluation report compiled by the FAA, EASA, or an Aviation Authority, as applicable.
Finding means a determination of compliance or non-compliance as the result of a civil aviation authority’s review, investigation, inspection, test, and/or analysis.
Finding means a finding made pur- suant to section 13(b)(11) of the Fair Labor Standards Act as provided in this part.