Administrative Proceeding Sample Clauses

Administrative Proceeding. An “Administrative Proceeding” includes any charge or complaint or other action instituted with a federal, state, or local governmental agency other than the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”).
Administrative Proceeding. 9.12 affiliate.................................................................14.02
Administrative Proceeding. We shall pay up to $35,000 in the aggregate for reasonable and necessary Defense Costs in the event that an Administrative Proceeding is initiated and reported during the Policy Period and provided You did not engage in the wrongful practices alleged and/or do not admit all or any part of the allegations.
Administrative Proceeding. Notwithstanding the release and promise not to sue set forth in paragraph 8 or the other terms of this Agreement, Employee acknowledges that Employee may file a charge or complaint with, participate in an investigation conducted by, or contact or communicate with the EEOC, NLRB, SEC, FINRA or any other governmental agency. Employee agrees, however, that Employee has waived any right to money damages or other individual remedies or relief which might be awarded as a result of any such administrative proceeding, except where such a waiver is prohibited under SEC rules or other applicable law.
Administrative Proceeding. Before using any water from the Water 12 Supply Storage, the OWRB must issue any necessary stream water use permit to appropriate 13 based on the application filed by the City. The application shall be processed and determined by 14 the OWRB in an administrative proceeding subject to and as provided in the Stream Water Use 15 Act, the APA, other applicable statutes and court decisions, and applicable rules of the OWRB in 16 the Oklahoma Administrative Code. 17 ARTICLE III

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Assistance in Litigation or Administrative Proceedings Contractor shall make itself and any subcontractors, employees, or agents assisting Contractor in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, available to the Department at no cost to the Department to testify as witnesses, or otherwise, in the event of litigation or administrative proceedings being commenced against the Department, its directors, officers or employees based upon claimed violation of HIPAA, or the HIPAA regulations, which involves inactions or actions by the Contractor, except where Contractor or its subcontractor, employee or agent is a named adverse party.