Competent definition

Competent means properly qualified to perform functions associated with pesticide application, the degree of capability required being directly related to the nature of the activity and the associated responsibility.
Competent means that, in the opinion of a court or in the opinion of the patient’s attending physician or consulting physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, a patient has the ability to make and communicate an informed decision to health care providers, including communication through persons familiar with the patient’s manner of communicating if those persons are available.
Competent means the ability of an offeror to satisfy the requirements of the solicitation. This determination is based on a comprehensive assessment of each offeror's proposal including consideration of the specific areas of evaluation criteria in the relative order of importance described in the solicitation.

Examples of Competent in a sentence

If any claim is made/lodged during the time, the same shall be binding and continue to be valid despite the lapse of this Pacts as specified above, unless it is discharged/determined by the Competent Authority of IITD.

Competent authorities or financial supervisors should take the necessary legal or regulatory measures to prevent criminals or their associates from holding, or being the beneficial owner of, a significant or controlling interest, or holding a management function in, a financial institution.

Competent authorities should have clear and efficient processes for the prioritisation and timely execution of requests, and for safeguarding the information received.

Competent authorities, and in particular law enforcement authorities, should have all the powers necessary to be able to obtain timely access to the basic and beneficial ownership information held by the relevant parties.13.

If the contractors are a partnership firm, the previous approval in writing of the Competent Authority shall be obtained any change is made in the Constitution of the firm.

More Definitions of Competent

Competent means a person who is capable of performing the various functions associated with pesticide application and pest control; the degree of capability required being directly related to the nature of the activity and the associated responsibility.
Competent means having the knowledge, skills, and ability to safely perform an activity or role.
Competent in relation to a person means a person with sufficient training, experience, knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to undertake the duties assigned to him, and “competence” shall be construed accordingly;
Competent means possessing the skills, knowledge, experience, and judgment to perform assigned tasks or activities satisfactorily as determined by the employer.
Competent in relation to a person, means adequately qualified, suitably trained and with sufficient experience to safely perform work without supervision or with only a minimal degree of supervision;
Competent means possessing knowledge, experience and training to perform a specific duty;
Competent means possessing the ability, based on reasonable medical judgment, to understand and appreciate the nature and consequences of a treatment decision, including the significant benefits and harms of and reasonable alternatives to a proposed treatment decision.