Football League definition

Football League means the Football League Limited (or any replacement thereof or successor thereto).
Football League means The Football League Limited;
Football League means the Football League whose office at the date hereof is at Edward VII Quay Navigation Way Preston PR2 2YF or any organisation that is a successor at the relevant time to the relevant functions of the Football League;

Examples of Football League in a sentence

  • The competition shall be run strictly to the laws of Association Football as laid down by the Football Association and also by the Skelmersdale Junior Football League Rules.

  • TeamCo owns the National Football League (together with any successor or assignee thereof, the “NFL”) member club currently known as the Oakland Raiders (as such NFL member club may be renamed from time to time, the “Team”).

  • The Trade Contractor shall cooperate in all respects with other Persons associated with the Authority, which may include the Architect, lenders, any lender’s inspecting architect or representative, insurers, the Team, sponsors, the National Football League, television broadcast networks, radio broadcasters, cellular/distributed antennae providers, and Governmental Authorities.

  • Executed as an Agreement SIGNED for and on behalf of Australian Football League ACN 004 155 211 by its duly authorised representative/agent in the presence of: ) ) ) ) ...................................................................

  • The Oakland Raiders, a California limited partnership (the “Team”), an Affiliate of StadCo, currently owns a professional football franchise that is a member of the National Football League (the “NFL”).

  • Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Team”) holds, owns, and controls a professional football franchise which is a member of the National Football League.

  • Name of witness (please print) Name of authorised representative/agent (please print) SIGNED for and on behalf of Australian Football League Players’ Association Incorporated ABN 25 695 729 819 by its duly authorised representative/agent in the presence of: ) ) ) ) ...................................................................

  • Australian Football League (Victoria) Limited (AFL Victoria) has implemented a Player Points System Policy (PPS Policy) to support community football club sustainability, equalisation of community football competitions and to promote junior development (Objectives).

  • Raiders Football Club, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (“TeamCo”), an Affiliate of StadCo, owns a professional football franchise that is a member of the National Football League (“NFL”) known as the Oakland Raiders (the “Team”).

  • I/We agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the team association and the Fairfield County Football League.

More Definitions of Football League

Football League means Football League Ltd, incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 00080612;
Football League means The Football League Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (with registered number 80612);
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