League definition

League means the Returned and Services League of Australia Limited A.C.N. 008 488 097.
League means the domestic XVs rugby Competitions administered by the Union

Examples of League in a sentence

  • A registered nurse who is a graduate of (1) a baccalaureate program in nursing accredited by the National League of Nursing or (2) an approved diploma school of nursing who has been employed by the Bay County Health Department for over five (5) years and has assumed district responsibilities.

  • It has also been instrumental in forming a Europe-wide alliance with other PRR players such as the French National Front, the Italian Northern League, and the Austrian Freedom Party.4 The PVV was created by Xxxxx Xxxxxxx in 2005, following his departure from the VVD.

  • The singular reference to the "League" herein shall be interpreted as referring to the Naugatuck Teachers' League, the Connecticut Education Association and the National Education Association.

  • If, however, negotiating meetings (not to include mediation sessions or arbitration) between the Board and the League are scheduled during normal working hours of a school day, not more than four (4) representatives of the League shall be relieved from all regular duties without loss of pay, as necessary, in order to permit their attendance at such meetings.

  • County of Pennington ) On this day of , 2005, before me, the undersigned officer, personally appeared , who acknowledged himself to be the President of Canyon Lake Little League, Inc., and that he, as such President, being authorized so do to, executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained by signing his name, as President.

More Definitions of League

League means any competition sanctioned by the Association and/or an Affiliated Association in membership of the NLS.
League means “a professional league and/or amateur league which consists of a combination of clubs within the territory of a Football Association and which is subordinate to and under the authority of that Football Association”.
League means the Western Region Football League Incorporated.
League means (a) an organization governing, administering or regulating the participation of teams or participants in any professional sport, including the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and the Women’s National Basketball Association and any minor league teams associated therewith, including, in each case, the Commissioner, management council, executive committee or similar governing body of each such organization and (b) any entity through which each such organization conducts business or that may be formed generally by the member clubs of such organization.
League means any competition sanctioned by The Association and/or an Affiliated Association in membership of the NLS or Feeder Leagues (as applicable).
League means The American League of Professional Baseball Clubs or The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.