Clubs definition

Clubs means the clubs affiliated to the SASA;
Clubs means a Club or Clubs with member- ship in a League.
Clubs means those student groups gathered together with the intent of fulfilling a specific mandate, that have completed the sanctioning process outlined in the procedures officially recognized by the Federation of Students, and have been formally recognized by the Federation of Students;

Examples of Clubs in a sentence

  • An Outside School Account (either a non-clubs account or Outside School Child Clubs Account or Outside School Minor Accounts) of a Club Student may also be linked to their Club Student account.

  • As a supplement to the program, Girls Who Code will provide access to its proprietary web-based headquarters platform to the School Club and their licensed users (the “HQ Platform”) through accounts specifically created for and limited to students (“Club Students”), parents (“Club Parents”), teacher facilitators (“Teacher Facilitators”), and or school administrations supporting the School Club (“School Club Administrators”) at School Clubs.

  • The Club's Management has the right to restrict access and to reserve the Club for maintenance, tournament play or special events.

  • Clubs must have at least seven (7) participating students, unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.

  • Clubs must be officially approved by the site administration and the Associated Student Body (secondary) and the site principal (elementary).

More Definitions of Clubs

Clubs means the Clubs and Schools affiliated with RV and where the context permits, shall mean solely club and not clubs and schools.
Clubs means an organisation holding membership of a Member Association.
Clubs means those clubs or organisations (howsoever described), which are members of, or affiliated to, an Affiliated Association, Constituent Association or League Association.
Clubs means any group or organization accredited through the CSA that is not considered a CSA service.
Clubs means (1) tennis clubs and centres within Wales recognised by the Board from time to time as registered with the Company (and consequently indirectly registered with the Lawn Tennis Association) and (2) those places to play tennis within Wales which are recognised by the Board from time to time;
Clubs means organisations affiliated to Affiliates or Member Associations;