Evaluation definition

Examples of Evaluation in a sentence

  • The Commission also approved a final rule that amends 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix K, “ECCS Evaluation Models.” The amendment will facilitate small but cost-beneficial power uprates for commercial nuclear power plants seeking to utilize improved feedwater flow measurement systems.

  • Evaluation of the proposals is expected to begin shortly after the proposal due date.

  • The Site Evaluation Form was submitted by the Respondent under Designer License #D4002.

  • The Evaluation Team may contact any vendor in order to clarify uncertainties or eliminate confusion concerning the contents of a proposal.

  • Evaluation factors are stated in the relative order of importance, with the first factor being the most important.

More Definitions of Evaluation

Evaluation means the procedures used by qualified personnel to determine a child's initial and continuing eligibility under this part, consistent with the definition of infant or toddler with a disability in §303.21. An initial evaluation refers to the child's evaluation to determine his or her initial eligibility under this part;
Evaluation means procedures used by a certified or licensed professional to make a positive determination of a student’s need for programs and services which extend beyond the general school program by virtue of learning, behavior, or health difficulties of the student or the student’s family.
Evaluation means an evaluation in respect of the Project or the ICIP as described in Article F.1.0 (Project and ICIP Evaluations).
Evaluation means the process of examining Local Agency’s Work and rating it based on criteria established in §6, Exhibit A and Exhibit E.