ESY services definition

ESY services means the individualized education program provided by the school to a student with a disability during the ESY.
ESY services means special education and related services that are provided to a student with a disability beyond the normal school year of the LEA, in accordance with the student's IEP, at no cost to the student's parents, and meet the standards of the USOE.
ESY services means extended school year services: special education and related services which are provided to eligible students during the period of time between the close of one academic year and the beginning of the succeeding academic year.

Examples of ESY services in a sentence

  • In accordance with the Extended School Year (ESY) Guidance issued by the NJDOE, student IEPs that currently included ESY services should be implemented to the greatest extent possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • An individual education program pursuant to district policies and procedures shall be developed and implemented by the IEP team that addresses the need for ESY services.

  • The district shall provide ESY services to eligible children if the IEP team determines on an individual basis that such services are necessary for the provision of FAPE.

  • The annual IEP shall reflect the IEP Team’s decision regarding the need for ESY services.

  • The consideration for ESY services is a team decision, based on information provided in the evaluation report and based on the individual needs of a student.

  • If the student is determined eligible for ESY services, the IEP Team shall determine the appropriate ESY program, based on the student’s individual needs.

  • ESY services are available as necessary to provide a FAPE, consistent with the Rules and considered for each individual student with a disability during an IEP, based upon a review of multiple data sources and factors.

  • ESY services must be provided only if a student’s IEP Team determines, on an individual basis, the services are necessary for the provision of a FAPE to the student.

  • Parent(s) or the adult student shall be provided with prior written notice of proposal or refusal to provide ESY services.

  • ESY services are not limited by categories of disability, or limited by type amount or duration of the services.

More Definitions of ESY services

ESY services means the [individualized education program provided by the school to a student with a disability during the ESY.]special education and related services that:

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