Special Education and Related Services Sample Clauses

Special Education and Related Services. 1.4 How should the District respond when it receives a referral for special education?
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Special Education and Related Services. No later than thirty (30) days following the execution of this Agreement, Charter school shall develop a specific plan and revision3 to the Petition that will describe in which special education local plan area (“SELPA”) the Charter School will seek membership. The Charter School shall notify the District not later than five (5) days from the date the Charter School executes the SELPA agreement or receives confirmation of membership. The Charter School shall provide a copy of the SELPA agreement, if any, to the District no later than sixty (60) days after execution of the SELPA agreement. If the Charter School is not accepted as an LEA member of a SELPA, the Parties will enter into a separate and distinct Special Education MOU within 60 days of denial of such membership. In addition to the terms thereof, the following terms govern the provision of special education and related services to Charter School students.
Special Education and Related Services. 00-0 Xxx Xxxxxxxx and the Association recognize that in order to assure that special needs and at-risk students will achieve educational standards, it is necessary to provide specialists trained in the various areas of development. The District agrees to provide special education teachers/diagnosticians, school psychologists, social workers, educational consultants, nurse consultants, speech/language specialists, and other specialized personnel in low incident programs to provide services to those students needing these services.
Special Education and Related Services. With respect to students who have been identified as exceptional, Lakeside shall ensure that the special education and related services that are provided by Lakeside are provided in accordance with the individualized educational program, if any, or in accordance with the “stay putrequirements of law, as applicable.
Special Education and Related Services. For the initial year of this MOU and until District and MLA otherwise agree, District shall be responsible for providing special education and related services to MLA School students as necessary. MLA will assist the District in carrying out the District’s responsibility to identify students with special needs and to develop student Individualized Education Plans (“IEPs”) and to determine appropriate placements, as necessary. MLA will adhere to the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) and state special education laws and regulations to assure that all students with disabilities are accorded a free, appropriate public education (“FAPE”). MLA will also ensure that no student with disabilities otherwise eligible to enroll in an MLA School will be denied enrollment. MLA will comply with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all Office of Civil Rights mandates for students enrolled in an MLA School. MLA will adhere to the requirements of the Xxxxxx Xxxxx Modified Consent Decree, including compliance with the Annual Plan, submitting documents and information, participating in reviews, and attending informational sessions and meetings. In the event MLA develops a reasonable alternative to District special education and related services that is research based, proven effective, and complies with any and all legal requirements including, but not limited to the Modified Consent Decree, District and MLA shall meet and confer regarding implementation of that model. The model shall be implemented with the prior approval of the District, which consent thereto shall not be unreasonably withheld. At all times, MLA may provide supplemental special education and related services to MLA School students requiring special needs provided that such services comply with the law, are consistent with the relevant IEP, and are consented to by the relevant parent or guardian.
Special Education and Related Services. The Schoolhouse is a general education school, approved as an independent school by the Vermont State Board of Education and is not approved, authorized or required to provide special education and related services or to develop or implement Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or Section 504 Plans, including those provided by a public school district. The Schoolhouse’s regular programs are also not designed to be therapeutic. Nor does The Schoolhouse have direct responsibility to a student’s public school district, which serves as the Student’s Local Educational Agency. We also acknowledge and agree that The Schoolhouse’s responsibilities with respect to providing access, services and accommodations are in keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act (and the Vermont Public Accommodations Act) We acknowledge and agree that The Schoolhouse, as a general education school, is able to provide accommodations and services as funded by the general tuition for our child, including but not limited to: ● small class size and differentiated learning ● opportunities for individualized attention ● opportunities for student choice and voice ● opportunities for movement and breaks ● flexible scheduling In some instances, support through private tutoring and/or other academic or social/emotional supports, including those paid for by the family, as arranged for and agreed upon by the Schoolhouse and the family, may be provided. Support includes providing space in the school building and making room in the daily schedule for tutoring and other supports. Any such supports and the financial responsibility for them must be specified in an Addendum to this Enrollment Contract The accommodations and services that The Schoolhouse cannot reasonably provide, as a result of either significant difficulty, expense or fundamental alteration to the School’s program, as part of the general tuition include but are not limited to: ● An individually designed, separate curriculum ● A dedicated private room for self-regulation ● A therapeutic program ● A behavior modification program ● Accommodations that would require Schoolhouse to fund the hiring of additional staff ● Accommodations that would fundamentally alter our mission and/or programs Any such agreed upon accommodations and related services to be funded privately must be specified in an Addendum to this Enrollment Contract. We have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Enrollment Contract, including any Addendum that is a...
Special Education and Related Services 
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Related to Special Education and Related Services

  • Special Education Services The Network shall pay to the District an amount equal to the per pupil cost incurred by the District in providing federally required educational services, multiplied by the number of students enrolled in all Network Schools. The current per pupil amount is calculated as follows: Total General Fund Expenditures for providing special education supports, including center program funding, OT/PT, Speech Language, central special education supports, and other assessments, plus additional General Fund expenditures related to hiring of special education providers, federally required translations and/or interpretations, and transportation. These gross expenditures are reduced by any applicable state revenue received, such as State ECEA, pre-K Special Ed PPR, and State Transportation. The net expenditures are divided by the District’s funded pupil count to obtain the per pupil amount to apply to the Network. Charges to the Network may be withheld from the funding provided to the Network pursuant to Section 17.A.g below. The calculation shall be agreed upon by both parties and any changes to the calculation will be presented to the Network prior to the start of the fiscal year for implementation.

  • Special Education Teachers 24.5.1 Special education teachers who are involved in the development of Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) shall be granted the necessary time during the school day for testing, conferences, and the writing of IEP(s).

  • Special Education Special education services, related services, and accommodations for students who are eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or any applicable provisions of state law, shall be provided in accordance with applicable state and federal law, this Agreement and Authorizer rules and policies. The Authorizer is the LEA for purposes of ensuring compliance with IDEA, Section 504, and all other federal and state laws and regulations concerning accommodation of and education of students with disabilities.

  • Education Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, or technical institute degree/certificate in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.

  • Public Education 7.1.01 Inform and educate the public about vaccines and vaccine- preventable diseases

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