Renewable Energy Equipment definition

Renewable Energy Equipment means the property listed in the Equipment Schedule and all replacements, repairs, restorations, modifications and improvements thereof or thereto made pursuant to Section 8.01 or Article V hereof. Whenever reference is made in this Agreement to Renewable Energy Equipment, such reference shall be deemed to include all such replacements, repairs, restorations, modifications and improvements of or to such Renewable Energy Equipment.

Examples of Renewable Energy Equipment in a sentence

  • We do not insure "Renewable Energy Equipment" under this section.

  • In case of any e-mail queries or clarifications, the subject of the e-mail must clearly bear the following subject: "Setting up Manufacturing Zone for Power and Renewable Energy Equipment (Pilot Project): Clarifications or Request for Amendments".

  • With reference to the request for submission of expression of interest dated for Setting up Manufacturing Zone for Power and Renewable Energy Equipment (Pilot Project), we hereby express our interest to participate in the project.

  • On this platform companies from dif- ferent sectors (Investment Services, Specialty Chemicals, Biotechnology, Electronic Equipment, Business Training&Employment Agencies, Per- sonal Products, Industrial Machinery, Medical Equipment, Furnishings, Software, Renewable Energy Equipment, Exploration&Production etc) of economics successfully have already listed.

  • An ordinance of the City Council of the City of Flagstaff approving the form and authorizing the execution and delivery of an Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy Equipment; delegating authority to the Management Services Director of the City to determine certain matters and terms with respect to the foregoing; authorizing the taking of all other actions necessary to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this ordinance; and authorizing clerical corrections.

  • We do not insure private structures used in whole or in part or designed for business or agricultural purposes or "Renewable Energy Equipment" under this extension.

  • Upon payment of all amounts due and owing under this Agreement in accordance with Section 10.01 hereof (including upon payment of all Rental Payments and other amounts payable under this Agreement), Lessor’s security interest or other interest in the Renewable Energy Equipment shall terminate, and Lessor shall execute and deliver to Lessee such documents as Lessee may request to evidence the termination of Lessor’s security interest in the Renewable Energy Equipment.

  • Gerhardt HC (1988) Acoustic properties used in call recognition by frogs and toads.

  • Operation and maintenance requirements (including frequency of maintenance activities) for the Renewable Energy Equipment and transmission lines.

  • Lessee shall at all times protect and defend, at its own cost and expense, its title in and to the Renewable Energy Equipment from and against all claims, liens and legal processes of its creditors, and keep all Renewable Energy Equipment free and clear of all such claims, liens and processes.

More Definitions of Renewable Energy Equipment

Renewable Energy Equipment means electric generation facilities, electric transmission, electric distribution, gas distribution or combination gas and electric transmission and distribution and transmission and distribution cooperative property that is located in this state, that is used or useful for the generation, storage, transmission or distribution of electric power, energy or fuel derived from solar, wind or other nonpetroleum renewable sources not intended for self-consumption, including materials and supplies and construction work in progress, but excluding licensed vehicles and property valued under sections 42-14154 and 42-14156.
Renewable Energy Equipment means any renewable energy equipment and its’ apparatus permanently installed on your premises used for the generation, transmission or utilization of mechanical or electrical power

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