Economic development incentive definition

Economic development incentive means a financial incentive,
Economic development incentive means any grant, loan or
Economic development incentive means the abatements, tax credits, exemptions, grants, loans, or loan guarantees related to economic development activities in this state as determined by the Michigan strategic fund provided under the following acts:

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  • The department and contractor may only use the financial or commercial information for carrying out the purposes of this act and shall not disclose or release any data received from a department, agency, municipality, or political subdivision of this state.(5) Economic development incentive evaluations shall be published on the department's website.

  • Economic development incentive grants must comply with the N.C. Gen.

  • Economic development incentive contractIf the commissioner enters into a contractual relationship with a business regarding the provision of an economic development incentive in return for the business's agreement to locate, expand or retain its facilities in the State, that contract must contain a statement of the State's expected public benefit from its investment of public funds.

  • This variable is specified as a dummy to denote whether states permit LLCs. Economic development incentive programs are inherently difficult to capture in a simple metric because of the wide variation in incentive programs offered across states.

  • All insurance policies to include a waiver of subrogation in favor of the Town of Enfield except for claims, injuries, and loss arising out of the negligence of the Town, its employees or agents.

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Economic development incentive means a financial incentive, awarded by the authority, or agreed to between the authority and a business or person, for the purpose of stimulating economic development or redevelopment in New Jersey, including, but not limited to, a bond, grant, loan, loan guarantee, matching fund, tax credit, or other tax expenditure.
Economic development incentive means federal and state statutorily defined programs that receive state funds, dedicated revenue funds and tax expenditures as defined by section 1666 whose purposes are to create, attract or retain business entities related to business development in the State.
Economic development incentive means a FastTrack job training grant and economic development grant authorized under this part or capital grant authorized under chapter 15 of this title for economic development purposes provided to an employer to attract or retain the employer's physical presence in this state;
Economic development incentive means a grant, loan, or
Economic development incentive means any grant, loan or performance-based incentive from any governmental entity;
Economic development incentive means any grant, loan or performance-based incentive from any government entity that is awarded after September 30, 2008. Economic development incentive does not include any tax provision under title 42 or 43.
Economic development incentive means any grant,