continuing professional development definition

continuing professional development means the continuing professional development contemplated in section 32;
continuing professional development or “CPD” means a self-directed, ongoing, systematic, and outcomes-focused approach to learning and professional development including active participation in learning activities that assist a pharmacist in developing and maintaining continuing competence in the practice of pharmacy, enhancing the pharmacist’s professional practice, and supporting achievement of the pharmacist’s career goals.
continuing professional development. (“CPD”) means work undertaken over and above the normal commitments of a barrister and is work undertaken with a view to developing the barrister’s skills, knowledge and professional standards in areas relevant to their present or proposed area of practice in order to keep the barrister up to date and maintain the highest standards of professional practice.

Examples of continuing professional development in a sentence

  • Continue to meet its Continuing Professional Development requirements, as may be specified by the Authority.

  • After a registrant has been registered as on-leave for one year, they must meet the Standard of Continuing Professional Development.

  • On-leave Registrants7-3 (1) A registrant does not have to meet the Standard of Continuing Professional Development requirements during their first year registered as on-leave.

  • Teaching staff are encouraged to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their chosen fields.

  • The TSA (including its Nominee Agents) shall possess the relevant qualifications and attain the relevant Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) hours applicable to the business in respect of which the TSA is registered with or licensed by the relevant government authority or licensing authority to carry on in Singapore, as set out in ENCLOSURE A to this framework.

More Definitions of continuing professional development

continuing professional development means a requirement, as a condition of License renewal, to provide evidence of successful participation in educational or professional activities relevant to practice or area of work.
continuing professional development means a requirement, as
continuing professional development means department-approved training that is provided by approved trainers and is used by employees of certified providers, their subcontractors, and employees of subcontractors to maintain continuing certification standards in accordance with this rule. A unit of continuing professional development is fifty minutes of instruction.
continuing professional development means further education or
continuing professional development means a course, lecture, seminar or other programme or method of study (whether requiring attendance or not) that is relevant to the needs and professional standards of solicitors, enhances professional competence and complies with guidance issued from time to time by the Society pursuant to section 5(3);
continuing professional development or “CPD” means further education or training intended for the systematic maintenance, continuous improvement and updating of professional knowledge, expertise, competence and attitude necessary for the proper carrying out of the business of an agent, broker, sales representative and adjuster;
continuing professional development. ’ means the process by which registered persons maintain and enhance their competence throughout their professional careers, and encompasses a range of activities including continuing education and supplementary training;