Loan Guarantee definition

Loan Guarantee means a guarantee of all or part of a loan made by a commercial lender. Payment of all or a portion of the loan guarantee would occur if the business defaults on its repayment of the loan, provided the lender has exhausted standard legal remedies in an attempt to secure repayment from the borrower.
Loan Guarantee means an agree- ment to indemnify the holder of a loan all or a portion of the unpaid principal balance in case of default by the bor- rower;
Loan Guarantee means a guarantee of 70 percent of the loan amount provided by a QED lender. The guaranteed portion of the loan must not exceed $1,500,000.

Examples of Loan Guarantee in a sentence

Common examples of prepaid finance charges include:• Buyer’s points.• Service fees.• Loan fees.• Finder’s fees.• Loan guarantee insurance.• Credit investigation fees.However, in order for these or any other fi- nance charges to be considered prepaid, they must be either paid separately in cash or check or withheld from the proceeds.

Outstanding balance of Rs. 95.90 Lacs repayable by June, 2013 in monthly instalments.4.2 Loan guarantee by Directors- Both the above Term Loans taken from Banks are guaranteed by a Director.4.3 There is no continuing defaults in repayment of Loan and Interest to Banks and Financial Institutions.4.4 Sugar Development Fund Loan is secured by Second Charge on Block assets of sugar unit of the company.31.03.2012Rs.31.03.2011Rs. 5.

More Definitions of Loan Guarantee

Loan Guarantee means Article X of this Agreement.
Loan Guarantee means a Guarantee of a specified percentage of Loan principal and up to ninety (90) days earned and unpaid interest at the same percentage.
Loan Guarantee means a Guarantee of a specified percentage of Loan principal and up to ninety
Loan Guarantee means the Guarantee by each Guarantor of the Obligations (other than any Obligations with respect to Swap Contracts of Treasury Services Agreements), executed pursuant to the provisions of the Facility Guaranty.
Loan Guarantee means any State or federal government
Loan Guarantee means any guar- antee, insurance, or other pledge with respect to the payment of all or a part of the principal or interest on any debt obligation of a non-Federal borrower to a non-Federal Lender, but does not in- clude the insurance of deposits, shares, or other withdrawable accounts in fi- nancial institutions.