Tax Credits Sample Clauses

Tax Credits. A Creditor Party which receives for its own account a repayment or credit in respect of tax on account of which the Borrowers have made an increased payment under Clause 23.2 shall pay to the Borrowers a sum equal to the proportion of the repayment or credit which that Creditor Party allocates to the amount due from the Borrowers in respect of which the Borrowers made the increased payment, provided that:
Tax Credits. If any Lender obtains the benefit of a credit against the liability thereof for federal income taxes imposed by any taxing authority for all or part of the Taxes as to which the Borrower has paid additional amounts as aforesaid (and each Lender agrees to use its best efforts to obtain the benefit of any such credit which may be available to it, provided it has knowledge that such credit is in fact available to it), then such Lender shall reimburse the Borrower for the amount of the credit so obtained. Each Lender agrees that in the event that Taxes are imposed on account of the situs of its loans hereunder, such Lender, upon acquiring knowledge of such event, shall, if commercially reasonable, shift such loans on its books to another office of such Lender so as to avoid the imposition of such Taxes.
Tax Credits. Landlord is entitled to claim all tax credits and depreciation attributable to leasehold improvements in the Premises. Promptly after Landlord’s demand, Landlord and Tenant shall prepare a detailed list of the leasehold improvements and fixtures and their respective costs for which Landlord or Tenant has paid. Landlord shall be entitled to all credits and depreciation for those items for which Landlord has paid by means of any Tenant finish allowance or otherwise. Tenant shall be entitled to any tax credits and depreciation for all items for which Tenant has paid with funds not provided or reimbursed by Landlord.
Tax Credits. Seller shall bear all risks, financial and otherwise throughout the Term, associated with Seller’s or the Facility’s eligibility to receive PTCs, ITCs or other tax credits, or to qualify for accelerated depreciation for Seller’s accounting, reporting or tax purposes. Seller’s obligations under this Agreement shall be effective regardless of whether the sale of Facility Output from the Facility, or the Facility itself, is eligible for, or receives, PTCs, ITCs or other tax credits during the Term.
Tax Credits. If an additional payment is made by the Guarantor under this Clause and any Secured Party determines that it has received or been granted a credit against or relief of or calculated with reference to the deduction giving rise to such additional payment, such Secured Party shall, to the extent that it can do so without prejudice to the retention of the amount of such credit, relief, remission or repayment and provided that it has received the cash benefit of such credit, relief or remission, pay to the Guarantor such amount as such Secured Party shall in its reasonable opinion have concluded to be attributable to the relevant deduction. Any such payment shall be conclusive evidence of the amount due to the Guarantor hereunder and shall be accepted by the Guarantor in full and final settlement of its rights of reimbursement hereunder in respect of such deduction. Nothing herein contained shall interfere with the right of each Secured Party to arrange its tax affairs in whatever manner it thinks fit.
Tax Credits. 1. Swiss Re Life & Health shall not reimburse the Company for state premium taxes.
Tax Credits. If a Partnership expenditure, whether or not deductible, that gives rise to a tax credit in a Partnership taxable year also gives rise to valid allocations of Partnership loss or deduction, or other downward Capital Account adjustments, for the year, then the partiesinterests in the Partnership with respect to the credit, or the cost giving rise thereto, shall be in the same proportion as the parties’ respective distributive shares of the loss or deduction, and adjustments. If Partnership receipts, whether or not taxable, that give rise to a tax credit, including a marginal well production credit under §45I of the Code, in a Partnership taxable year also give rise to valid allocations of Partnership income or gain, or other upward Capital Account adjustments, for the year, then the parties’ interests in the Partnership with respect to the credit, or the Partnership’s receipts or production of natural gas and oil production giving rise thereto, shall be in the same proportion as the parties’ respective shares of the Partnership’s production revenues from the sales of its natural gas and oil production as provided in §5.01(b)(4).
Tax Credits. Any tax credits for taxes paid by BKC, which reduced the executive’s income tax liability before, during, or subsequent to his or her employment are owned/utilized by BKC. After multi-jurisdictional employment terminates, BKC determines whether to keep the executive in the tax equalization program if the executive has carryover tax credits that may be used in the future. BKC retains the tax benefit for utilization of the tax credit. BKC continues to pay for the preparation of the executive’s home-country income tax return during these years.
Tax Credits. Any tax credits shall be allocated among the Partners in accordance with Regulation section 1.704-1(b)(4)(ii), unless the applicable Code provision shall otherwise require.
Tax Credits. Any tax credit, and any tax credit recapture, will be allocated to the Members in the same ratio that the federal income tax basis of the asset (to which such tax credit relates) is allocated to the Members under the Section 46 Regulations, and if no basis is allocated, in the same manner as Profits are allocated to the Members under Section 5.2.