Business Services definition

Business Services means the services related to the Business.
Business Services means the computer, technology and software consulting, customization, implementation, support and maintenance and upgrade services offered, marketed or provided by the Company and its Subsidiaries.
Business Services means services provided primarily to other business operations, which may include consulting services, property and/or equipment maintenance services, financial and/or accounting services, computer and/or information management services, advertising and/or graphic services, and similar operations.

Examples of Business Services in a sentence

  • Support Response Hours: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year Support Language: English or local language (based on availability) Support Access Method: Web/Phone/Email Support Response Method: Web/Phone/Email Number of Support Requests: Unlimited Response Times: Level 1 – Urgent: Within 1 hour Level 2 – High: Within 2 hours Level 3 – Normal: Within 2 hours Level 4 – Low: Greater than 2 hours 2.6 Business Services and Enhanced Support Services Response Time Credits.

  • It is also recommended that the Board authorize the Vice Chancellor, Business Services, to execute the amendment on behalf of the District.

  • If Customer has purchased Business Services or one of the Enhanced Support Services and Box fails to meet the applicable Response Times associated with Business Services or Enhanced Support Services, Customer may be entitled to a response time credit as outlined below (“Response Time Credit”).

  • If Customer has not purchased Business Services or one of the Enhanced Support Services, then Standard Support Services will be provided.

  • If Customer has purchased Business Services, Box will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet an Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9%.

More Definitions of Business Services

Business Services means any consulting, training, evaluating or similar service related to the Business Products.
Business Services means the administration, custody, investment management and other services provided from time to time by any person to or for the benefit of Phoenix in relation to the Transferred Policies prior to the Transfer Date, including any rights and obligations under the Reinsurance Agreement (to the extent accrued or relating to any breaches which have occurred prior to the Transfer Date and in respect of any claim for reinsurance thereunder, only to the extent that Phoenix has made the corresponding payments under the relevant Transferred Policies);
Business Services means Model N’s subscription- based outsourced support services in the areas of government and commercial contracting compliance.
Business Services which is purchased by the Customer and identified under the applicable Order; or “Premier Services” or “Platinum Services” (together, “Enhanced Support Services”) which are purchased by the Customer and identified under the applicable Order.
Business Services means those services described in Column A of Schedule I.
Business Services means the cost of services provided by the Authority for the benefit of the Applicant associated with providing new Service or Modified Service and may include, but are not limited to, system planning; engineering design; permitting; property, right-of-way, or easement acquisition; design review; material acquisition; bidding and contracting; construction; construction management; inspection; and administrative overheads and financing costs.
Business Services means (a) crop insurance agency and brokerage services, including, without limitation, insurance agency and brokerage services with respect to multi-peril crop insurance and named peril crop insurance listed on Schedule 1.1, animal mortality, specialized financial products (such as, tree and vine coverage and temperature trigger weather policies), risk management tools (such as, adjusted gross revenue programs), Software developed and/or sold and/or data collected and processed, and (b) any other insurance agency and brokerage services offered, marketed, and conducted by the Company on, or at any time during the twelve (12) months preceding, the Closing Date.