District Engineer definition

District Engineer means the District Engineer of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and Sacramento Area Sewer District, or his designee.
District Engineer means the Person or firm that has contracted to provide engineering services to the District.
District Engineer means the employee assigned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water to manage its regulatory activities in a geographical area of the state consisting of a state planning district or subunit of a state planning district.

Examples of District Engineer in a sentence

  • The will allow inspection of theconstruction of the herein contemplated improvements by the Commission's District Engineer, or his authorized representative, at any time and shall take no attempts to prevent said inspection.

  • The shall secure sufficient bond, asdetermined by the Commission's District Engineer or authorized representative, for the construction of the proposed improvement on Commission right-of-way.

  • Any change in such personnel or reassignment in their project responsibilities must be agreed to in writing by the District Engineer or his authorized representative before any such change may be made.

  • If project level good faith efforts fail to resolve differences, the project engineer shall request negotiation assistance from the District Construction Engineer, and if needed, the District Engineer.

  • No interpretation of any provision of this Agreement shall be binding upon REGIONAL SAN unless agreed in writing by the District Engineer and counsel for REGIONAL SAN.

More Definitions of District Engineer

District Engineer means the County Engineer, El Paso County, Colorado, or designated representative.
District Engineer means any engineer or engineering firm that the Commissioners select to perform or assist in an evaluation relating to the operation of the water system.
District Engineer means the engineering firm, and that firm’s representatives, which may be retained and assigned by the District Board of Commissioners to act as the Engineer to design and prepare the Plans for the work to be performed under this Agreement, or to review the Plans designed by the Developer Engineer pursuant to this Agreement.
District Engineer means that person or firm authorized to perform engineering services for the District.
District Engineer means the department of transportation district engineer as designated pursuant to Subsection C of Section 67-3-8 NMSA 1978.
District Engineer means the District Engineer of the Fort Collins - Loveland Water District or their authorized representative.