District Engineer definition

District Engineer means the District Engineer of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and Sacramento Area Sewer District, or his designee.
District Engineer means the County Engineer, El Paso County, Colorado, or designated representative.
District Engineer means the Person or firm that has contracted to provide engineering services to the District.

Examples of District Engineer in a sentence

  • By: Printed Name Director, Maintenance Division City Manager Title Printed Name City of Tomball Agency Date City Hall / 000-000-0000 Contact Office and Telephone No. APPROVAL RECOMMENDED: District Engineer Printed Name Date ATTACHMENT A Inasmuch as this project is on the Federal-Aid highway system, the following additional requirements as applicable with the Federal Highway Administration’s Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations, § 710.105.

  • MPWMD: District Engineer Monterey Peninsula Water Management District 0 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Bldg.

More Definitions of District Engineer

District Engineer means the employee assigned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water to manage its regulatory activities in a geographical area of the state consisting of a state planning district or subunit of a state planning district.
District Engineer or “District Manager” means the Napa County Director of Public Works or designee, when providing management services to the District and performing such other duties as authorized in this Manual or by Board action.
District Engineer means the Director of the Department of Public Works of the County or any person designated by the Board.
District Engineer means any engineer or engineering firm that the Commissioners select to perform or assist in an evaluation relating to the operation of the water system.
District Engineer means the Engineer duly and officially appointed by the District to supervise and direct the work of construction under this contract, acting personally or through agents or assistants duly authorized by him, such agents or assistants acting within the scope of the particular duties entrusted to them. By this designation, no requirement shall attach that such individual be licensed by the State of California.
District Engineer means any qualified engineer certified and licensed in the State of Colorado, hired by the District for the purpose of designing and/or inspecting work for the District performed by contractors or individuals.
District Engineer means the engineer employed by the district and shall be a registered civil engineer in the state.