Data Allowance definition

Data Allowance means the amount of internet data you may utilise during a particular Service Period, as specified in the appropriate Service Schedule.
Data Allowance means the amount of data (encompassing both uploads and downloads) that is provided in accordance with your selected Service Option.
Data Allowance means the monthly maximum data throughput which is included in the monthly Charge.

Examples of Data Allowance in a sentence

  • Freedom Plans Freedom Measured over a fixed monthly period No Strict Data Allowance If you use greater than 150 GB of data during a monthly billing period, certain speeds will be slowed, as described in the Bandwidth Usage Policy.

  • Recovery Act Service is subject to data usage limits which are described in Viasat’s Data Allowance Policy.

  • Your data allowance thresholds are the same as the data allowance thresholds for the Pro Pak, as set forth on Exhibit A and in the Data Allowance Policy – WildBlue Internet Service plans.

  • The Liberty service plans (“Liberty Plan(s)”) are subject to “Priority Data” usage limits which are also described in the Data Allowance Policy.

  • You agree to comply with Viasat’s Acceptable Use Policy, Data Allowance Policy, Bandwidth Usage Policy, Unlimited Data Policy and Email End User License Agreement applicable to your service located at and, all of which are incorporated into and made a part of this Agreement.

  • The CAF-II Service plan (detailed in the CAF-II Addendum), Exede Classic, Essential 10, Evolution, Basic 12 (excluding unlimited data version) and WildBlue Internet Service plans are subject to strict data usage limits, which are described in the Data Allowance Policy.

  • For complete details, see Data Allowance Policy – Residential, which you can view at

  • The Licensee is responsible and liable for any person that uses the Licensee’s account access details or uses Products made available to the Licensee in breach of this Agreement, including, without limitation, for any additional fees that become payable if the Licensee's Periodic Data Allowance is exceeded.

  • Unlimited Data Plans Bronze 12, Silver 25, Gold 30 (purchased prior to February 13, 2018) Measured over a fixed monthly period No Data Allowance After 150GB of High-Speed Data usage you will continue to receive unlimited Standard Data; however, Viasat may prioritize Standard Data behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds.

  • If your usage exceeds the limits set forth in the Data Allowance Policy, we may reduce the bandwidth available to you on a temporary basis.

More Definitions of Data Allowance

Data Allowance means the volume of data uploaded and downloaded using the Mobile Services during the relevant billing month. Data Services means any data services specified in an Order and as further described in Service Schedule 3 -Data Services. Device means a device capable of interfacing with the Services or transmitting and receiving communications and any equipment or accessories that are capable of being used with that device by an End User. Emergency means a situation that could jeopardise human life or safety. or result in damage to property, unless immediate action is taken. End User means any end user or beneficiary of any Services or other person who accesses the Services, whether authorised by you or not. Estimated Traffic Profile is the estimated total monthly expenditure for Voice Services or Mobile Services call charges (excluding service and equipment and other non·call charges but including text and data charges), specified in the applicable Order. Equipment includes Devices, and other hardware and software. External Circumstances Event means any event or circumstance beyond a party's reasonable control. including fire, flood, explosion, acts or omissions of Providers or other providers of services, accident, war, act of terrorism. Embargo, Governmental action, Acts of God and industrial disputes. Expected Ready For Service Date means the date from which we expect to supply the Services, as notified to you. This may be different from the date you requested. GST means goods and services tax payable under applicable Australian law. Location means any of our third party service providers data centres. Insolvency Event means any of the following events (or anything equivalent) occurring in relation to a party: a receiver, manager or administrator is appointed over any of its assets or property; a liquidator is appointed (whether under a creditor's petition. voluntary liquidation or otherwise); a resolution is passed for its winding-up (except for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction); it is placed under any other form of insolvency administration; it enters into any composition or arrangement with its creditors; it is insolvent (or is deemed to be under any applicable law); or it ceases to carry on business. Liability, Liabilities and Liable means all claims. demands, actions. proceedings, losses. damages, (including loss and damage to property). fines. penalties, costs, expenses (including legal fees on an indemnity basis) and other liabilities, w...
Data Allowance means the maximum amount of Data Usage (uploads and downloads) that, under your Plan, can be used in a billing month, without incurring an Excess Data Charge.
Data Allowance means the specific volume of Data which the Customer is entitled to under any Data Plan and which is generally described in megabytes or gigabytes;
Data Allowance means the aggregate number of gigabytes of data that may be sent and received using the Wireless Internet services in a single monthly billing cycle under the applicable Wireless Internet service plan, rounded up to the nearest gigabyte.
Data Allowance means the amount of data available to the Customer within the AWS Cloud;

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  • SO2 Allowance means “allowance” as defined at 42 U.S.C. § 7651a(3): “an authorization, allocated to an affected unit by the Administrator of EPA under Subchapter IV of the Act, to emit, during or after a specified calendar year, one ton of sulfur dioxide.”

  • training allowance means an allowance (whether by way of periodical grants or otherwise) payable—

  • PHARMACY ALLOWANCE means the lower of: • the amount the pharmacy charges for the prescription drug; • the amount we or our PBM have negotiated with a network pharmacy; or • the maximum amount we pay any pharmacy for that prescription drug.

  • Tenant Improvement Allowance in the maximum amount of $200.00 per rentable square foot in the Premises, which is included in the Base Rent set forth in the Lease; and

  • Retirement allowance means the retirement payments to which a member is entitled.

  • Basic Comprehensive User Guide means the Ministry document titled Basic Comprehensive Certificates of Approval (Air) User Guide” dated April 2004 as amended.

  • disability living allowance means a disability living allowance under section 71 of the SSCBA;

  • Preferred Allowance means the amount a Preferred Provider will accept as payment in full for Covered Medical Expenses.

  • main phase employment and support allowance means an employment and support allowance where the calculation of the amount payable in respect of the applicant includes a component under section 2(1)(b) or 4(2)(b) of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 except in Part 1 of Schedule 1;

  • Monthly Fee means the total consideration, including but not limited to, equipment or locker rental,

  • Soft Costs means all costs which are ordinarily and reasonably incurred in relation to the acquisition, development, installation, construction, improvement and testing of the Properties other than Hard Costs, including without limitation structuring fees, administrative fees, legal fees, upfront fees, fees and expenses related to appraisals, title examinations, title insurance, document recordation, surveys, environmental site assessments, geotechnical soil investigations and similar costs and professional fees customarily associated with a real estate closing, the Lender Unused Fee, the Holder Unused Fee, fees and expenses of the Owner Trustee payable or reimbursable under the Operative Agreements and costs and expenses incurred pursuant to Sections 7.3(a) and 7.3(b) of the Participation Agreement.

  • subsistence allowance means an allowance which an employment zone contractor has agreed to pay to a person who is participating in an employment zone programme;

  • Monthly Fees means, collectively, [INSERT FOR HFS: the Monthly Food and Beverage Fee,] the Monthly Program Fee and the Monthly Royalty Fee, each of which is set forth in the Addendum. [INSERT FOR HFS: “Monthly Food and Beverage Fee” means the fee we require from you in Subsection 8.2, which is set forth in the Addendum.]

  • income-related employment and support allowance means an income-related allowance under Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007;

  • Maximum allowable cost list means a listing of generic drugs used by a pharmacy benefits manager to set the maximum allowable cost at which reimbursement to a pharmacy or pharmacist may be made.

  • Disability allowance means an allowance paid on account of disability under section 145.361 of the Revised Code.

  • Training costs means reasonable costs incurred to upgrade the technological skills of Full-Time Employees in Illinois and includes: curriculum development; training materials (including scrap product cost); trainee domestic travel expenses; instructor costs (including wages, fringe benefits, tuition and domestic travel expenses); rent, purchase or lease of training equipment; and other usual and customary training cots. “Training costs” do not include, except where the Company receives prior written approval of the Department, costs associated with travel outside the United States, wages and fringe benefits of employees during periods of training, administrative costs related to Full-Time Employees of the Taxpayer, or amounts paid to an affiliate of the Company.

  • Enrollee point-of-service cost-sharing or "cost-sharing" means amounts paid to health carriers directly providing services, health care providers, or health care facilities by enrollees and may include copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles.

  • Annual Premium means an amount specified in the Schedule, which is payable under the annual Premium payment mode under this Policy, excluding Extra Premium, if any and excluding service tax or any other taxes, cesses or levies, if any;