Definition of Construction improvements

Construction improvements means operations which usually require more than one fiscal year to complete, and which change or add to the characteristics of a road, facility, or structure.

Examples of Construction improvements in a sentence

Construction improvements require a preliminary engineering report or project analysis to obtain a valid "Opinion of Probable Cost" estimate.
Construction improvements made by Lessee without the Lessors consent which are inseparable from the building shall become the property of Lessor upon termination or expiration of this Lease.
SS5225 (I)(a) Authorized Project Costs Capital costs, including: * Construction, improvements and site work * Demolition, repair and remodeling * Acquisition of equipment 1 Municipal Tax Increment Financing, Department of Economic and Community Development, February 19, 2010.
ARTICLE 4 [DISPOSITION ON IMPROVEMENT, ETC.] (1) Construction improvements (facilities, completed or unfinished buildings included) built on the Real Estate on Trust without a separate trust procedure are deemed as trust property under this Trust Agreement.
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation $200,000 ($643,000) Packer Avenue Marine Terminal Gate Enhancement Construction improvements to modernize the current gate structure, and the purchase and installation of software and hardware to automate the gate process at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in the Port of Philadelphia.