Manufactured housing definition

Manufactured housing means “manufactured home” as defined in section 321.1.
Manufactured housing means a structural unit or units designed for occupancy and constructed in a manufacturing facility and transported, by the use of its own chassis or an independent chassis, to a building site. The term includes any type of building that is constructed at a manufacturing facility and transported to a building site where it is used for housing and may be purchased or sold by a dealer in the interim. For purposes of this section, 2 types of manufactured housing are included. Those 2 types are:
Manufactured housing means a Dwelling Unit constructed for movement on the public highways that has sleeping, cooking and plumbing facilities, that is intended for human occupancy, that is being used for residential purposes and that was constructed in accordance with federal Manufactured Housing construction and safety standards and regulations in effect at the time of construction.

Examples of Manufactured housing in a sentence

  • In addition to seeking assistance from the Manufactured Housing Division, Xxxxx further agrees, covenants and consents that any and all controversies arising out of or in any way relating to this contract may be settled by arbitration in accordance with the applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect.

  • The Manufactured Housing Division of the Department of Business and Industry provides a “Manufactured Housing Homeowner Information Bulletin” that outlines the state’s assistance in handling warranty claims should any arise.

  • Dealer shall correct, either directly or indirectly, within a reasonable period, any items noted by Buyer that are, in the good faith judgment of Dealer, deficient in workmanship or materials according to the standard in the industry or the requirements of the Manufactured Housing Division of the Department of Business and Industry.

More Definitions of Manufactured housing

Manufactured housing means a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which in the traveling mode is 8 body feet (2438 body mm) or more in width or 40 body feet (12 192 body mm) or more in length, or, when erected on site, is 320 square feet (30 m2)or more, and which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems contained therein. For the purpose of these rules, a mobile home shall be considered a manufactured home, and each shall be regarded as manufactured housing.
Manufactured housing means a dwelling unit manufactured off-site having a minimum width of 10 feet and a minimum area of 400 square feet built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used for permanent residential occupancy whether or not on a permanent foundation, and that contains permanent eating, cooking, sleeping and sanitary facilities and meets such standards as the department determines, by rule, are reasonable to maintain the quality, safety and durability of the dwelling, the sanitary requirements of the communities in which they are located and the security of the loans that the department may finance for the purchase of the dwellings.
Manufactured housing means residences con- structed on one or more chassis for transportation, and which bear an insignia issued by a state or federal regulatory agency indication compliance with all applicable construction stan- dards of the United States department of housing and urban development.
Manufactured housing means manufactured homes and mobile homes.
Manufactured housing means manufactured housing as defined by RSA 674:31.
Manufactured housing means a factory-built structure
Manufactured housing or “Home Improvement Loan” as defined in the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002.”