Confidential Materials definition

Confidential Materials means any books, computer software, records or files (whether in a printed or electronic format) that consist of or contain any of the following: appraisals; budgets (other than the budget for the calendar year in which the Closing occurs); strategic plans for the Real Property; internal analyses; information regarding the marketing of the Property for sale; submissions relating to obtaining internal authorization for the sale of the Property by Seller or any direct or indirect owner of any beneficial interest in Seller; attorney and accountant work product; attorney-client privileged documents; internal correspondence of Seller, any direct or indirect owner of any beneficial interest in Seller, or any of their respective affiliates and correspondence between or among such parties; or other information in the possession or control of Seller, Seller’s property manager or any direct or indirect owner of any beneficial interest in Seller which such party deems proprietary or confidential.

Examples of Confidential Materials in a sentence

  • Termination of contract(d) Disclosing Party may visit Receiving Party’s premises, with reasonable prior notice and during normal business hours, to review Receiving Party’s compliance with the term of this Agreement.4. Miscellaneous(a) All Confidential Information and Confidential Materials are and shall remain the property of Disclosing Party.

More Definitions of Confidential Materials

Confidential Materials means any materials with respect to, whether or not such materials are proprietary to, any ATEL Party, whether or not owned or developed by such ATEL Party, which are not generally known other than by such ATEL Party, and which you may obtain from an ATEL Party through any direct or indirect contact with an ATEL party or through your due diligence investigation, whether performed by you directly or by your agent or nominee. Confidential Materials include, without limitation, reports, economic models, ideas, plans, programs and concepts with us or any other ATEL Party, whether or not such information meets the legal definition of atrade secret”. You understand and acknowledge that the Confidential Materials are a unique asset of the respective ATEL Party, which provide such ATEL Party with a significant competitive advantage and would be harmful to the ATEL Party if the Confidential Materials were improperly disclosed. Therefore, you agree to hold in confidence and to not disclose the Confidential Materials to any person or entity without our prior written consent, and will not copy or modify any Confidential Materials without our prior written consent. You hereby also agree to use the Confidential Materials strictly for your due diligence evaluation of the ATEL Party. Further, you agree to not disclose any Confidential Materials to any third person, or to any of your associates, except those associates who are required to have the Confidential Materials in order to perform their job duties in connection with the limited purposes of due diligence evaluation and work related to the Relationship (“Permitted Use”). You shall assure that each permitted associate to whom Confidential Materials is disclosed pursuant to a Permitted Use shall be bound by the terms of this Paragraph 11, and you shall advised such associate of the existence and contents of the terms of this confidentiality provision. Nothing will prevent you from producing Confidential Materials pursuant to any subpoena, but, in such event, you will provide us with notice so that the respective ATEL Party may seek a protective order. The obligation to maintain the confidentiality and non-use will not apply to Confidential Materials, which is in, or hereinafter becomes part of, the public domain without breach hereof. You shall further refrain from, directly or indirectly, using for competitive purposes, disclosing, disseminating or publishing the Confidential Materials, except as approved in writin...
Confidential Materials means any document, diskette, tape, writing or other tangible item to the extent that such item contains or embodies any Confidential Information, whether in printed, handwritten, electronic, coded, magnetic or other form and whether delivered by a Disclosing Party or made by a Recipient.
Confidential Materials means all tangible materials containing Confidential Information, including without limitation, written or printed documents and computer disks or tapes, whether machine or user readable, the Software being licensed including any manual and documents relating to the Software, its Source Code, etc.