Company Equipment definition

Company Equipment means all equipment supplied by the Company to the Contractor, to use in the performance of the Work and which is specified in the Contract as “Company Equipment”.
Company Equipment means all machinery, equipment, furniture, and furnishings used in the Business;
Company Equipment means any equipment, excluding Software, supplied by or at the direction of Company to provide the Services to Customer, as specified in the applicable Special Conditions and/or Service Order.

Examples of Company Equipment in a sentence

  • Company shall be responsible for import duties levied on Company for Company Equipment and Company-issue Materials imported into the Commonwealth of Australia.

  • Company Equipment The Company will not be liable for any injury, casualty or damage resulting in any way from the supply or use of gas or from the presence or operation of the Company's structures, equipment, pipes, appliances or devices on the customer's premises, except injuries or damages resulting from the negligence of the Company, its employees, servants or authorized agents.

  • The Customer will allow the Company to inspect, test, modify, change, add to, replace or remove any Company Equipment, either remotely or via a designated maintainer.

  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure that Company Equipment is only used to access Services as permitted.

  • The Customer shall not sell, let, mortgage, charge, pledge, dispose of or do anything that would prejudice Company Equipment in any way.

More Definitions of Company Equipment

Company Equipment means all plant, equipment, machinery, or tools used by the Company in the course of providing the Products and Services;
Company Equipment means all plant, equipment, machinery, or tools used by the Company inthe course of providing the Services or Rental;
Company Equipment means any hardware, antenna, router, gateway, wiring, or other device installed by us at your premise to enable the Services to function. You agree that Company Equipment shall remain the property of MTA at all times. You agree that Company Equipment installed at your premise shall be used only for the purpose of rendering the Service under this Agreement. You agree you will not tamper with Company Equipment or attempt to move or maintain the equipment, nor will you allow any third parties to do. You agree that you will not attach anything to Company Equipment which impairs the integrity of our network or degrades the networks strength or signal quality. At your request, we may relocate the Company Equipment upon your premise for an additional charge, and at a time agreeable to you and us. You agree to either return Company Equipment to us, or to allow us access to the premise to remove Company Equipment upon termination of services, and you agree to compensate us at our replacement cost if our access to the premise is refused for the purpose of equipment removal and/or if you fail to return any Company Equipment within ten (10) business days from the date the Services are terminated. In addition, if any Company Equipment is stolen or damaged while in your possession, you agree to pay its replacement cost. Replacement cost is found at xxxx:// charges and fees.pdf . We recommend the Company Equipment we install at your premise be covered by your insurance policy, however in any such event of damaged, lost, or stolen equipment it is solely your responsibility to compensate us directly at our replacement cost whether Company Equipment was covered by insurance or not, whether reimbursed by your insurance company or not.
Company Equipment. Means MTNL owned CDMA-WLL Mobile/FW telephone equipment issued to Subscriber to gain access to Network subject to terms and conditions described in the Agreement.
Company Equipment means any equipment (such as, but not limited to flexitanks, Isotanks or other containers, bulkheads, heater pads and other such equipment) lent, leased, sold or otherwise supplied by the Company to the Customer for the purposes of the Services.
Company Equipment means laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, removable storage devices, and other electronic devices using the
Company Equipment means all FSP owned, leased, or developed hardware, software, equipment, machinery, tools and devices (a) located in any Hosted Environment, except for Customer Software, and/or (b) located on the Customer’s premises to provide the Services, as may be more fully defined in any applicable HSA, this Agreement or any attachments or amendments hereto. “Equipment” shall refer to FSP Equipment and Customer Equipment collectively.