Third Party Equipment definition

Third Party Equipment has the meaning given such term in Section 4.8 of this Agreement.
Third Party Equipment equipment manufactured by a party other than us.
Third Party Equipment means any third party manufactured hardware specified in an Order.

Examples of Third Party Equipment in a sentence

  • Except as otherwise provided herein, (i) the operation, use and performance of such Third Party Equipment is governed by any terms, conditions and warranties provided by the manufacturer; and (ii) You agree that WOW! shall have no liability for any defects in or failure of the Third Party Equipment and shall have no obligation to maintain, repair or replace any Third Party Equipment, nor will WOW! be liable for or any damages of any nature caused directly or indirectly by use of Third Party Equipment.

  • We exclude ourselves from installing Third Party Equipment and anything related to the Broadband service.

  • You understand that if You access the Service through Our Application Program and or/ Third Party broadband and/or Third Party Equipment, including Chromecast, the Content (including, but not limited to, language) may vary from when You access the Service through Our Equipment.

  • Title and risk of loss to Equipment and Third Party Equipment passes to Customer on delivery to Customer’s designated delivery location.

  • Lender agrees that the Liens granted to it hereunder in Third Party Equipment shall be subordinate to the Liens of future lenders providing equipment financing and equipment lessors for equipment and other personal property acquired by Borrower after the date hereof (“Third Party Equipment”); provided that in the case of equipment financings and leasing such Liens are confined solely to the equipment so financed and the proceeds thereof and are Permitted Liens.

More Definitions of Third Party Equipment

Third Party Equipment means a hardware device manufactured by a Third Party.
Third Party Equipment means User Devices and any and all other third party hardware, software or other accessories (including, without limitation, cell phones, tablets, computers, servers, modems, routers, cables and/or connectors) that may be necessary or appropriate in connection with Customer’s use of the TRUCE System.
Third Party Equipment means any equipment which is leased or rented by Customer from a third party pursuant to a lease or rental agreement (a “Third-Party Lease”) and set forth on Schedule 3 attached hereto that will be covered by the Services or, in the event Ricoh is providing the TRAC Solution to Customer, as set forth in the TRAC database as maintained by Ricoh. In the event of a conflict between Schedule 3 and any TRAC database maintained by Xxxxx xxxxxxxxx, the TRAC database shall control. Ricoh shall have no obligation, and does not assume any obligation, under the Third-Party Lease between Customer and the third-party.
Third Party Equipment means any Equipment not of Seller's manufacture as listed in the various Exhibits attached to this Agreement. In addition any Product Seller adds to its generally available standard Third Party Equipment price list or so identifies to Buyer in a Quotation shall be deemed incorporated into this Agreement upon the mutual agreement of the Buyer and Seller, subject to additional terms and conditions specified in the applicable Exhibit, if any. Seller may also recommend Third Party Equipment that is not included in the Exhibits or provided by the Seller. Any Third Party Equipment recommended by but not sold by the Seller is not covered under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
Third Party Equipment means equipment of any third party (other than a WISP or Access Seeker) which the Access Provider permits to be located on an RBI 2 Site at which the Registered WISP receives the Wholesale Tower Co-location Service.
Third Party Equipment means any equipment, including but not limited to telephones, handsets, modems and routers, not supplied to you by Optics Internet as part of the Service(s);
Third Party Equipment means any equipment, including but not limited Access Devices, modems and routers, cables and filters not supplied to you by TimeTalk as part of the Service(s);