Area B definition

Area B means the populated areas delineated by a red line and shaded in yellow on attached map No. 1, and the built-up area of the hamlets listed in Appendix 6 to Annex I; and
Area B means the area marked “Area B” outlined in orange on the Plan;
Area B means all that piece of land (comprising 115 acres or thereabouts) delineated and coloured blue on the said Plan marked “A” and being (subject to survey) the land more particularly described in Schedule “B” hereto but if the boundaries of the land are altered pursuant to clause 4 hereof means that land as so altered;

Examples of Area B in a sentence

  • Area B seine and Area H troll opportunities will be considered where abundance permits.

  • Costs relating to Area B development have been allowed for in the 2020/21 budgets, as well as in future budgets.

  • DDO2 overlay applies to the area identified as the Ridgeline Protection Area B.

  • Management is guided by advice from the Mid Vancouver Island Chum Sub- Committee, which includes representatives from Area B seines, Area D and E gill nets, Area H troll, First Nations and recreational fishing groups.

  • To date $103,440 has been spent on engineering reports, planning, consent applications and consultation work associated with the future development of Area B at the landfill.

More Definitions of Area B

Area B means that part of Area A as is contiguous to Area C, comprising an area of about 6 750 square metres (subject to survey) and is delineated by hatchuring over green on the plan;
Area B. ” means the metropolitan and local municipalities as contained in the table below and it applies to the minimum wage Tables 2 and 5.
Area B means all other registration sections, blocks and parcels in Grand Cayman and Little Cayman not included in Area A.
Area B means the areas coloured blue on the said plan marked “X”;
Area B means the area delineated in Pima county as township 11
Area B means the area delineated in Pima county as township 11 and 12 south, range 12 through 14 east; township 13 through 15 south, range 11 through 16 east; township 16 south, range 12 through 16 east, excluding any portion of the Coronado national forest and the Saguaro national park.
Area B means the following registration sections, blocks and parcels-