Collaboration Term definition

Collaboration Term has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Collaboration Term has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10.
Collaboration Term means the HBV Collaboration Term or the HIV Collaboration Term, as the context requires.

Examples of Collaboration Term in a sentence

  • Prior to the expiration of the Collaboration Term, Merck may designate a Product Candidate as an “Elected Candidate” hereunder by providing Moderna with written notice of the same (an “Elected Candidate Notice”); provided that Merck may make no more than five (5) such designations, in the aggregate, hereunder (the “Elected Candidate Cap”).

  • Regeneron may, by written notice to Intellia given at any time at least [***] months prior to the end of the Technology Collaboration Term, extend the Technology Collaboration Term one-time for an additional twenty-four (24) months, such that it will end on the eighth (8th) anniversary of the Effective Date (rather than the sixth (6th) anniversary of the Effective Date).

  • Regeneron shall grant, and hereby grants, to Intellia a non-exclusive, worldwide license under Regeneron Product Inventions, Regeneron Materials Improvements and that portion of the Regeneron Contributed IP that is Technology Collaboration Contributed Technology solely to perform the activities designated to Intellia under the Technology Collaboration Plan during the Technology Collaboration Term.

  • However, those RADIs that are required to be filed in the office of the clerk of this court in connection with transferred proceedings and actions or proceedings commenced in this court (22 NYCRR § 670.3[c], [d], [e]) must be signed on a space provided for that purpose on a litigation back enclosing the RADI or on a separate form annexed thereto.

  • The recommendations would be in addition to, but not necessarily different from, the recommendations in this report.

More Definitions of Collaboration Term

Collaboration Term has the meaning given in Section 15.1.
Collaboration Term means the period from the Effective Date until the end of the Early Development Term hereunder.
Collaboration Term means, collectively, the R&D Term and the Post-R&D Period.
Collaboration Term means the period beginning on the Effective Date and ending on the tenth anniversary of the Effective Date.
Collaboration Term means the period during which the Parties will perform the Program Plan commencing on the Effective Date and terminating on the earlier of: (i) two (2) years from the Effective Date or (ii) such date as JBI has exercised its License Option for Collaboration Molecules with each of the Pharmacological Profiles. In case the Collaboration Term has terminated as described in subsection (i), the Collaboration Term may be extended for up to one (1) additional year by mutual written agreement of the Parties. In the event of termination of the Agreement prior to the end of the Collaboration Term, the Collaboration Term will be considered to have ended as of the Agreement termination date.
Collaboration Term means the three and one-half (3.5) year period from April 2, 2001 through September 1, 2004, unless extended by mutual agreement or terminated early as provided for in the Collaboration Agreement.
Collaboration Term means the term of the collaborative research efforts carried out pursuant to this Agreement and any extension thereof.