Development Candidate definition

Development Candidate means a Collaboration Compound designated by Biogen Idec as a Development Candidate in accordance with Section 2.6.
Development Candidate means a Compound that meets the Development Candidate Criteria for the initiation of a Development Program for the treatment of CF, and which is the subject of a notice from Vertex to CFFT that Vertex intends to commence formal pre-clinical development of the Compound in the Field pursuant to the provisions of Section 3.1 hereof.
Development Candidate means a pre-clinical Licensed Product which possesses desirable properties of a therapeutic agent for the treatment of a clinical condition based on in vitro and animal proof-of-concept studies.

Examples of Development Candidate in a sentence

  • Vertex will promptly commence and pursue a Development Program with respect to that Development Candidate, at its expense, applying diligent, commercially reasonable efforts to develop Drug Product Candidates into Drug Products, consistent with those used by Vertex for its own compounds of similar potential.

  • The determination of whether a Potential Development Candidate has failed to meet the characteristics and/or properties described in Exhibit 2, as well as BI’s decision on Development Candidate Selection shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld by BI.

  • The parties acknowledge that it may be necessary or appropriate to adopt additional Development Candidate Criteria which more specifically define the pre-development characteristics of Compounds which the parties believe may be suitable for development and commercialization based upon the particular mode of action of that Compound as a Potentiator or Corrector.

  • Any disagreements with respect to the selection of additional Development Candidate Criteria hereunder will be addressed as provided in Section 2.6.2(ii).

  • In order to settle the debate, Ross Levine gathers informationfrom 48 countries over the 1980-1995 period and carries out several regressions in order to explain the average per capita growth rate in terms of different measurements of the relative importance of markets compared to banks, and controlling for the usual variables in this kind of tests.

More Definitions of Development Candidate

Development Candidate means (1) a Compound that meets the Development Candidate Criteria and is proposed by the JRC for formal preclinical development during the Research Program Term or during the Washout Period; (2) a Deferred Candidate that is selected by Merck for development during the Research Program Term or the Washout Period; or (3) a Compound that has not been proposed to the JRC but is selected by Merck for development.
Development Candidate means a Compound and formulation which meets the Research Target Profile and is accepted for development by ZENECA. Chemical modifications to a Development Candidate or materially different formulations that have a significant effect on the commercial desirability of the Development Candidate will be considered separate Development Candidates.
Development Candidate means a Lead Compound, Derivative Compound or Schering Derivative which possesses the desirable properties of a therapeutic agent for the prevention or treatment of a clinical condition, in the absence of required safety trials necessary to begin human testing.
Development Candidate shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.
Development Candidate means [ * ].
Development Candidate means a Single Stranded RNAi Product for which [***] have commenced.
Development Candidate means a Lead Candidate that is the subject of an IND Filed with the FDA for a Program for which Celgene has exercised its IND Option in accordance with Section 3.1.1.