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Catering Services means the serving of food and/or beverages on Capitol Hill.
Catering Services means the preparation or provision and the serving of food or drink by a food service facility for service at the provider's premises or elsewhere in connection with a:
Catering Services means the Catering Services set out in the Agreement together with any Additional Services to be provided to the Customer by the Caterer under the terms of the Agreement.

Examples of Catering Services in a sentence

Railway has adopted a system of inviting sealed bid on Open, competitive, single stage two-packet system, (the "Bidding Process) from experienced and reputed food and catering service providersfor “Provision of Catering Services on General Minor Unit (GMU) number: at_____________________ station for Stall,” for selection of the Licensee for the awardof License.

GARWOOD, Circuit Judge:Plaintiff-appellant, Lexington Insurance Company (Lexington), as assignee of Ann Wells (Wells), sued Defendant-appellee, S.H.R.M. Catering Services, Inc., a/k/a Eurest Support Services (Eurest), based upon injuries Wells sustained while employed by Eurest.

Catering Services Gross Sales In addition to catering and cafeteria sales the Legislative Assembly will also negotiate with the Contractor an administration fee paid by the Legislative Assembly that considers the Contractor’s requirement to have a full-time manager on-site to oversee the cafeteria and catering operations on a year round basis.

The following tables detail the Legislative Assembly Cafeteria and Catering Services gross sales for the years 2011/12 to 2014/15.

CHAPTER 1: TECHNO- COMMERCIAL BID – PACKET AAnnexure—A/1Covering Letter Comprising the Bid (Refer Clauses)ToThe Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Dated:- Central RailwayCommercial BranchDivisional Railway Manager Office Bhusawal-425201Dist- Jalgaon Dear Sir,Sub: Bid for the award of License for "Provision of Catering Services at MajorStatic Unit (AVM) No. on PF No- at Station of Category Bhusawal Division.

More Definitions of Catering Services

Catering Services means catering (including all food and beverages) for Events held at the EEC.
Catering Services means the preparation and sale of all food and beverages, including Alcoholic Beverages, at the Facility (and, with the approval of City, outside the Facility), including banquet services and hors d’oeuvres and all food and beverages (including Alcoholic Beverages) served at events where the obligation to make payment for the entire function rests with one individual, company, or entity. Catering Services shall not include outside catering as described in Section 2.1.2.
Catering Services means all food and beverage items and service equipment installed and prepared by us as agreed in the Confirmation/Event Order. “Fees” means all Catering, Venue Hire or Equipment Hire Fees.
Catering Services means an establishment in which the principal use is the preparation of food and meals on the premises, and where such food and meals are delivered to another location for consumption.
Catering Services means the catering services to be provided by the Contractor in accordance with the PFI Project Agreement;
Catering Services means the catering services which the Owner may agree to provide under the
Catering Services means a business establishment cooking and delivering food to an outside location such as a hotel, banquets, weddings, conventions, and the like. This does not include mobile food vendors.