Catering Services definition

Catering Services means the Catering Services set out in the Agreement together with any Additional Services to be provided to the Customer by the Caterer under the terms of the Agreement.
Catering Services and “Catering Gross Receipts” have the meanings set forth in Schedule 6.01.
Catering Services means the serving of food and/or beverages on Capitol Hill.

Examples of Catering Services in a sentence

  • Therefore, Approved Catering Services must provide evidence of a fully executed agreement between the Approved Caterer and its client evidencing the prices quoted in detail.

  • The main objective of this procurement exercise is to deliver the procurement of a Framework that will enable OAT to source Catering Services for it Academies.

  • Oriental Catering Services Limited: The Chief Executive Officer of Seplat’s spouse is shareholder and director.

  • Our Catering Services department has won many prestigious international awards in recognition of its innovations and food quality.

  • Catering for events can be arranged by contacting the KSU Catering Services department at or 770-499-3554.

More Definitions of Catering Services

Catering Services means catering (including all food and beverages) for Events held at the EEC.
Catering Services means the catering services which the Owner may agree to provide under the
Catering Services means the preparation and sale of all food and beverages, including Alcoholic Beverages, at the Facility (and, with the approval of City, outside the Facility), including banquet services and hors d’oeuvres and all food and beverages (including Alcoholic Beverages) served at events where the obligation to make payment for the entire function rests with one individual, company, or entity. Catering Services shall not include outside catering as described in Section 2.1.2.
Catering Services refers to those services associated with the provision and/or service of food (including alcoholic beverages when applicable) as requested at University Facilities, including product that is dropped off. Services provided at venues not at University Facilities, and “to go” orders that are picked up from a local business or caterer, are not covered under this Agreement.
Catering Services means the goods and services arising from, in connection with, or incident to Catering, including planning, coordination, delivery and execution of pre-arranged Catering functions or events.
Catering Services means all food and beverage items and service equipment installed and prepared by us as agreed in the Confirmation/Event Order. “Fees” means all Catering, Venue Hire or Equipment Hire Fees.