Casino Facilities definition

Casino Facilities means, collectively, the building housing the Casino, hotel, restaurants, showrooms, retail space and other ancillary facilities (both gaming and non-gaming) and all the parking areas, access drives, walkways, and similar improvements appurtenant to and serving such building and the foregoing, together with all Furnishings and Equipment and personal property (whether tangible or intangible) and all other components of the physical plant under Enterprise’s ownership or control (including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, water and sewer systems, but not including components of public utilities which may be located on the premises) used or to be used in connection with the foregoing located on part of the land described on attached Exhibit A, each whether now existing or hereafter constructed or acquired.
Casino Facilities means, collectively, (i) the Fallsview Facility, and (ii) the CN Facility, together with (iii) any other Gaming Facility that may from time to time be established by the Borrower in accordance with the COSA, and “Casino Facility” means one of them as the context requires.
Casino Facilities means collective reference to the Real Property, the casino businesses and related activities conducted by Borrowers in and on the Real Property including, without limitation, activities conducted under the name and style of "Legends", "Diamond Lil's", the "Golden Horseshoe" and Womack's" and all improvements now or hereafter situate thereon, together with any other real property, personal property or interests therein which are used by Borrowers as a part of the operation of the casino businesses conducted by Borrowers on the Real Property.

More Definitions of Casino Facilities

Casino Facilities means legal casino facilities only;
Casino Facilities means collective reference to the CPI Hotel/Casino Facilities, ACLVI Hotel/Casino Facility, the ACCBI Riverboat/Hotel Facilities and the ACVI Casino Facility.
Casino Facilities means collective reference to the Real Property, the casino businesses and related activities conducted by Borrowers in and on

Related to Casino Facilities

  • Related facilities means any ancillary facilities owned by the Company which are —

  • Public facilities means amenities that are—

  • Railroad facilities means right of way and related

  • Project Facilities means those facilities of the system which will, in whole or in part, serve the purposes of this contract by conserving water and making it available for use in and above the Delta and for export from the Delta and from such additional facilities as are defined in Article 1(h)(2) herein, and by conveying water to the Agency. Said project facilities shall consist specifically of “project conservation facilities” and “project transportation facilities”, as hereinafter defined.

  • Idle facilities means completely unused facilities that are excess to the governmental unit's current needs.

  • Production Facilities (7 9) means "production equipment" and specially designed software therefor integrated into installations for "development" or for one or more phases of "production".

  • Shared Facilities means the gen-tie lines, transformers, substations, or other equipment, permits, contract rights, and other assets and property (real or personal), in each case, as necessary to enable delivery of energy from the Facility (which is excluded from Shared Facilities) to the point of interconnection, including the Interconnection Agreement itself, that are used in common with third parties.

  • Existing Facilities means, collectively, the Existing Servicing Advance Facilities, the Existing Warehouse Facilities and the Existing MSR Facilities.

  • Interconnection Facilities means the facilities on SPD’s side of the Delivery Point for scheduling, transmitting and metering the electrical output in accordance with this Agreement and which shall include, without limitation, all other transmission lines and associated equipment, transformers, relay and switching equipment and protective devices, safety equipment and RTU, Data Transfer and Acquisition facilities for transmitting data subject to Article 7, the Metering System required for supply of power as per the terms of this Agreement;

  • Wastewater Facilities means the structures, equipment, and processes required to collect, carry away, and treat domestic and industrial wastes and dispose of the effluent.

  • Other Facilities means athletic stadiums, swimming pools, any associated structures or related equipment tied to such facilities including, but not limited to, grandstands and night field lights, greenhouses, garages, facilities used for non-instructional or non-educational purposes, and any structure, building or facility used solely for school administration.

  • Facilities means any and all real property (including all buildings, fixtures or other improvements located thereon) now, hereafter or heretofore owned, leased, operated or used by Company or any of its Subsidiaries or any of their respective predecessors or Affiliates.

  • Common Facilities means the facilities under D.G.sets/D.G.rooms, water storage tanks its pumping and supply system, sewerage & drainage systems, electric sub-station/ transformers/electric panels/distribution network, maintenance service rooms, lawns including lighting & services etc., roads, pathways & driveways including street lighting & services etc., guard posts, fire hydrants & fire fighting system etc. and all such facilities and areas for common use and excluded from the computation of Super Area of the Said Premises;

  • Omnibus facilities means motor vehicles, of the type

  • Bank Facilities means any overdraft limits or credit facility available to you and their associated terms;

  • Generating Facility means the Generating Unit(s) comprising Seller’s power plant, as more particularly described in Section 1.02 and Exhibit B, including all other materials, equipment, systems, structures, features and improvements necessary to produce electric energy and thermal energy, excluding the Site, land rights and interests in land.

  • Casino means a casino regulated by this state under the Michigan gaming control and revenue act, 1996 IL 1, MCL 432.201 to 432.226, a casino at which gaming is conducted under the Indian gaming regulatory act, Public Law 100-497, 102 Stat 2467, or property associated or affiliated with the operation of either type of casino described in this subdivision, including, but not limited to, a parking lot, hotel, or motel.

  • Recreational Facilities means spas, saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, exercise, entertainment, athletic, playground or other similar equipment and associated accessories.

  • Local Facilities means working capital facilities provided to a Grantor (other than Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) I S.A., Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) II S.A. Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) III S.à.r.l. and the Borrowers) by a Local Facility Provider and “Local Facility” means any of them.

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Gaming Facility means any gaming establishment, facility and other property or assets ancillary or related thereto or used in connection therewith, including, without limitation, any casinos, hotels, resorts, theaters, parking facilities, timeshare operations, retail shops, restaurants, other buildings, land, golf courses and other recreation and entertainment facilities, marinas, vessels and related equipment.

  • Marine and aviation facilities means equipment and

  • Associated Facilities means all associated track structures, over and under track structures, supports (including supports for equipment or items associated with the use of the Network), tunnels, bridges, train control systems, signalling systems, communication systems and associated plant, machinery and equipment from time to time but only to the extent that such assets are related to or connected with the Network but does not include any sidings or yards;

  • Cogeneration facility means a generating facility that sequentially produces electricity and another form of useful thermal energy, such as heat or steam, in a way that is more efficient than the separate production of both forms of energy.

  • Common Areas and Facilities , in relation to a building, means all parts of the building or the land on which it is located and all easements, rights an appurtenances belonging to the land or the building, which are neither in the exclusive possession of an apartment owner in terms of this conveyance deed of apartment, nor are handed over or intended to be handed over to the local authority or other public service agency and shall include the limited common areas and facilities;

  • Public facility means a street, plaza, pedestrian mall, and any improvements to a street, plaza, or pedestrian mall including street furniture and beautification, park, parking facility, recreational facility, right-of-way, structure, waterway, bridge, lake, pond, canal, utility line or pipe, building, and access routes to any of the foregoing, designed and dedicated to use by the public generally, or used by a public agency. Public facility includes an improvement to a facility used by the public or a public facility as those terms are defined in section 1 of 1966 PA 1, MCL 125.1351, which improvement is made to comply with the barrier free design requirements of the state construction code promulgated under the Stille-DeRossett-Hale single state construction code act, 1972 PA 230, MCL 125.1501 to 125.1531. Public facility also includes the acquisition, construction, improvement, and operation of a building owned or leased by the authority to be used as a retail business incubator.