Building Complex definition

Building Complex means and include the said premises and the New Buildings there at with the Common Areas and Installations;
Building Complex means a building or group of buildings constructed in a contiguous area for business, commercial, institutional purposes or assembly of buildings under the single ownership of individuals or group of individuals or under the name of a co-operative group society or on lease and sold as shops or office space or space for other commercial purposes;
Building Complex as used herein shall mean the Building of which the Premises are a part, the real property on which the same is located, all plazas, common areas, parking lots, open space and any other areas located on said real property and designated by Landlord for use by all tenants in the Building.

Examples of Building Complex in a sentence

  • Tenant shall at all reasonable times retain in the Terminal Building Complex at least one qualified representative authorized to represent and act for it in matters pertaining to its operation, and shall keep Director informed in writing of the identity of each such person.

  • City shall provide in the Terminal Building Complex the following utility services: reasonable amounts of water, electricity, telephone, sewage outlets, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, to a point determined by the Director.

  • Opening of bids is to be in the NCDOT Transportation Building Complex located at 1 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh 27601.

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the initial layout and design of all Alterations shall conform to Commission’s established architectural design scheme for the Terminal Building Complex and the provisions of Airport’s TI Guide.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the term “Airport” or “Terminal Building Complex” as used herein shall mean the Airport or the Terminal Building Complex, respectively, as the same may be expanded, contracted, improved, modified, renovated, or changed in any way.

More Definitions of Building Complex

Building Complex. The Building Complex is comprised of the Land, the Building (along with all improvements and common areas), and the garage.
Building Complex means and include the building to be named as “SGIL-SUREZA” consisting of several shop/commercial space/flat/unit on the ground floor and residential self-contained flats/flat/units on the other floors of the G+6 storied building to be constructed at the aforesaid premises and other structures, constructed spaces including car parking spaces, being constructed or to be constructed at the said premises over the land comprised therein in accordance with the sanctioned plan of the North Dum Dum Municipality, morefully and particularly described and mentioned in Schedule ‘B’ written hereunder.
Building Complex. The Premises, the Building, the Common Areas (as defined below), the land upon which they are located, along with all other buildings and improvements thereon.
Building Complex. Building", and/or "Complex" shall mean the Building or Buildings as shown on Exhibit B(1) and Exhibit B(2).
Building Complex. The Premises and the Building, the Common Areas (as defined below), the land upon which they are located, along with all other buildings and improvements thereon depicted on Exhibit B attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Building Complex means the building or store in which the premises are located which is known as Unit No, B-lb Right.