Bid Document definition

Bid Document. - shall mean the document submitted by the bidder, pursuant to understanding and agreeing with the terms and conditions set out in this Tender Document.
Bid Document means Bidding Document (i.e. Tender Enquiry Document).
Bid Document means this RFP document, including all - attached hereto and any addenda issued in accordance with the terms hereof.

Examples of Bid Document in a sentence

  • Bids submitted on separate forms are NOT acceptable unless specified in the Bid Document.

  • A copy of the recorded Resolution taken by the Board of Directors, members, partners or trustees authorising the representative to submit this bid on the bidder’s behalf must be attached to the Bid Document on submission of same.

  • Bid can be submitted only in the name of the bidder in whose name the Bid Document has been issued.

  • Notations in the header, footer or watermark of the Bid Document will not be considered sufficient to constitute a request for non-disclosure of trade secret or other confidential or proprietary information.

  • Vendor's failure to return the IP document duly signed along with Bid Document may result in the bid not being considered for further evaluation.

More Definitions of Bid Document

Bid Document means all Definitions, Sections, Layouts, Drawings, Photographs, Formats & Annexure etc. as provided in this bid including all the terms and conditions hereof.
Bid Document means Request for Proposal / Bid Document /Tender document and shall include formats and annexure in it;
Bid Document means this Bid Document with addends, if any, to this Bid Document.
Bid Document means this Bid document with addenda, if any, to this Bid Document. Note: Words and expressions used and not defined in this Bid Document but defined in the Act and rules made there under shall have the same meanings as respectively assigned to them in the Act or rules made there under.
Bid Document means the bid document issued by the Authority by which bids were invited from Bidders in the Bid Stage for the Project;
Bid Document means the documents such as Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), bid documents -including Technical, Commercial, Price Bid and other formats along with Draft Contract, being issued to the Bidders.
Bid Document means this document including other documents such as Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), bid documents -including technical and Price Bid and other formats being issued to and submitted by the Bidders.