Closing Documents definition

Closing Documents means the papers, instruments and documents required to be executed and delivered at the Closing pursuant to this Agreement;
Closing Documents. With respect to any Closing Date, the documents required pursuant to Section 9. Code: The Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or any successor statute thereto.

Examples of Closing Documents in a sentence

  • To Seller’s Knowledge, this Agreement and Schedules to this Agreement and the Closing Documents (as defined below) of Seller do not and will not knowingly include any untrue statement of a material fact relating to Seller or Trace Regional.

More Definitions of Closing Documents

Closing Documents means any certificate, instrument or other document delivered pursuant to Article VI of this Agreement.
Closing Documents means all documents and instruments executed and delivered by Buyer or Seller pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or otherwise in connection with the Transaction or this Agreement, including, without limitation, the documents and instruments required pursuant to the terms of Article 7.
Closing Documents means all documents and agreements other than Financing Documents that may be necessary and appropriate to issue, sell, and deliver the Bonds and to make the Loan contemplated thereby, and includes agreements, certificates, letters, opinions, forms, receipts, and other similar instruments.
Closing Documents shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 3.3.
Closing Documents means, in respect of a Party, the documents, instruments and agreements that the Party is required to deliver or enter into at Closing pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
Closing Documents means those documents executed and delivered by Seller at the Closing pursuant to Section 2 above.
Closing Documents. The documents required to be delivered on each Closing Date pursuant to Section 9. CLTA: The California Land Title Association.