Transaction Agreement definition

Transaction Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Transaction Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals of this Agreement.
Transaction Agreement is defined in the Recitals.

Examples of Transaction Agreement in a sentence

  • The Exchangeable Shares were issued pursuant to the Transaction Agreement, dated as of February 7, 2022 (as amended, the “Transaction Agreement”), by and among DPCM Capital, Inc.

  • To date, New Perrigo has not conducted any activities other than those incidental to its formation and the execution of the Transaction Agreement related to the acquisition of Elan.

  • SPAC has the requisite power and authority to: (a) execute, deliver and perform this Agreement and the other Transaction Agreements to which it is a party, and each Transaction Agreement that it has executed or delivered or is to execute or deliver pursuant to this Agreement; and (b) carry out its obligations hereunder and thereunder and to consummate the Transactions (including the SPAC Merger).

  • About New PerrigoPerrigo Company plc is a public limited company incorporated in Ireland solely for the purpose of effecting the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Agreement (as defined below).

  • In addition, the Related Transaction Agreement stipulates that 2) in case of a violation of conditions described in the Related Transaction Agreement (involved party referred to as the “Violating Party”), the other party shall set a reasonable period and notify the Violating Party to fulfil the obligations, and if the Violating Party fails to correct their violations within the said period, the other party may cancelthe Related Transaction Agreement.

More Definitions of Transaction Agreement

Transaction Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Transaction Agreement means the Share Purchase Agreement, dated as of June 19, 2007, among Xxxxxxxx Holdings Limited, Xxxxxxxx Acquisition Limited, Intelsat Holdings and certain shareholders of Intelsat Holdings, as amended, supplemented or modified from time to time.
Transaction Agreement means that certain transaction agreement dated as of July 30, 2012 by and among the Company, Crystal Merger Subsidiary Inc. and The Xxxx Group Inc.
Transaction Agreement is defined in Section 9.04.
Transaction Agreement means a written paper-based agreement executed by the Parties to form and effectuate a Transaction which may be substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit "B-1."
Transaction Agreement means the Transaction Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, as it may be amended from time to time, by and between the Company and Amazon, including all annexes, schedules, and exhibits thereto.