Transaction Agreement definition

Transaction Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Transaction Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.
Transaction Agreement means the Share Purchase Agreement, dated as of June 19, 2007, among Serafina Holdings Limited, Serafina Acquisition Limited, Intelsat Holdings and certain shareholders of Intelsat Holdings, as amended, supplemented or modified from time to time.

Examples of Transaction Agreement in a sentence

  • For purposes of the foregoing, the Poly Acquisition will be deemed consummated if the closing under the Transaction Agreement occurs, including after giving effect to any amendments to the Transaction Agreement or waivers thereunder acceptable to the Company.

  • The sole owner of the Fisher Capital Shipping and Transaction Agreement documents (collectively, the “Shipping Documents” as well as the website (, its related sister sites (such as websites, collectively the “website”) and all their contents is AMS Consulting Solutions LLC.

  • A customer making a purchase from FISHER CAPITAL may cancel the sale up to midnight of the third business day after signing the Transaction Agreement, or until midnight of the fifth business day if the customer is 65 years of age or older.

  • In enforcing the Security the Trustee may procure the realisation of the Assets and terminate and realise the value of every other Transaction Agreement.

  • From disclosure on pages F-48 and F-52, you disclose that you issued your second tranche of OFC Senior Secured Notes and common stock plus warrants to Oaktree, respectively, on the same date and in conjunction with the closing of the Transaction Agreement.

More Definitions of Transaction Agreement

Transaction Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Transaction Agreement is defined in the recitals to this Agreement.
Transaction Agreement means that certain transaction agreement dated as of July 30, 2012 by and among the Company, Crystal Merger Subsidiary Inc. and The Shaw Group Inc.
Transaction Agreement means the Transaction Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, as it may be amended from time to time, by and between the Company and Amazon, including all annexes, schedules, and exhibits thereto.
Transaction Agreement is defined in Section 9.04.
Transaction Agreement means a written paper-based agreement executed by the Parties to form and effectuate a Transaction which may be substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit "B-1."