Definition of Base Fees

Base Fees means the fees provided for in Article 4(a) hereof or any increased salary granted to Consultant pursuant to Article 4(a) hereof.

Examples of Base Fees in a sentence

All terms of any such Key Money Investment will be in the form agreed to by the Advisor and the Company at the time the Advisor makes such an investment, and to the extent a Key Money Investment is made by the Advisor, the Company agrees and acknowledges that it will utilize the Advisor as the asset manager with respect to the related Key Money Asset and will pay the Key Money Asset Management Fee that is included in the definition of Base Fees for such asset management services.
Base Fees are subject to [**]% escalations on [**] of the License Commencement Date.
The Base Fees listed on Exhibit F are based upon specific design conditions and assumptions such as the time of construction, facilities, location of the facilities, flow rate, ratable volumes, etc.
Employee shall be eligible to receive an additional annual bonus (the "Discretionary Bonus") in an amount up to 200% of the Base Fees, based upon performance on behalf of the Company during the prior year.
If Comcast requests curriculum development by Vendor to assist in training efforts, such development shall be billed at the rate shown in Section 8 ("Base Fees and Payment").