Authorized Distributors definition

Authorized Distributors means distributors who have contractual agreements with manufacturer to represent them in the sales of their parts
Authorized Distributors means either an Affiliate or the Licensor’s authorized partners, dealers and distributors.
Authorized Distributors. Licensee and Licensor agree that Licensee shall be permitted to utilize third-party distributors within specific countries in the Territory ("Authorized Distributors"), which shall have the right, subject to Paragraph 1.(j) below, to import, manufacture, distribute and/or sell Licensed Products, subject to Licensor's prior written approval in each case. Licensee agrees that with each request for such approval it shall submit a comprehensive annual business plan relating to the distribution and sales of the Licensed Products. No approval, rejection and/or modification of such annual business plan required by Licensor shall constitute a guarantee for economic benefit to Licensee and/or the Authorized Distributor or shall constitute liability on the part of Licensor for any aspect of Licensee's business.

Examples of Authorized Distributors in a sentence

  • The Licensee is in breach of any other agreement, including, among others, support services agreements, executed with the Licensor, any of its Authorized Distributors, or any entity of the Salto Group.

  • Should the Licensee breach this undertaking, the Licensor may be entitled to be indemnified for all damages and losses (including loss of profits) caused to the Licensor or any of its Affiliates or Authorized Distributors without limitation whatsoever.

  • The Licensee shall benefit from the support services related to the Software in accordance with the terms and conditions that may agree with the Licensor, its Affiliates or any of its Authorized Distributors.

  • The prior acquisition and maintenance of the Hardware by the Licensee from the Licensor or any of its Affiliates or Authorized Distributors for the Location.

  • The fees for the License of the initial version of the Software shall be those separately agreed by the Licensee and the Licensor or any of its Authorized Distributors, considering the specific subscription contracted by the Licensee.

More Definitions of Authorized Distributors

Authorized Distributors means third parties that LICENSEE or a PERMITTED SUBLICENSEE authorizes to sell PRODUCTS (as hereinafter defined) and SERVICES (as hereinafter defined) during the term of this Agreement.
Authorized Distributors means any person or entity identified by Rubrik as a distributor authorized to purchase Rubrik Products manufactured by Supplier in an authorization letter signed by OEM and substantially in the form of that letter attached hereto as Attachment 2 (such letter, the “Distributor Authorization Letter”). Depending on Supplier’s relationship with Authorized Distributors, the transaction between Supplier and such Authorized Distributor will be governed by separate contract terms (conceptually referred to as an “Authorized Purchase Agreement” or “APA” for purposes of this Addendum).
Authorized Distributors means that distributor or distributors selected by PENWEST (subject to Section 2.1) from time to time to register, market and sell the Product in the Territory or defined portions thereof.
Authorized Distributors means distributors to whom TMS sells RAV4EVs and Service Parts. [***] Information has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential Treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. Confidential Treatment Requested by Tesla Motors, Inc.
Authorized Distributors. Distributors licensed by Gold for redistribution of the Products. 4. Effective Date: March 1, 1999. 5. Extended Term: The three- (3) year period commencing upon the expiration of the Initial Term. 6. GGE: Gold's Gym Enterprises, Inc., a California corporation. 7. Gold: Gold's Gym International, Inc., a California corporation. 8. Gyms: Gold's Gym gym licensees and franchises. 9.
Authorized Distributors means distributors to whom TMS sells RAV4EVs and Service Parts.
Authorized Distributors. Any and all distributor, reseller, retailer or any other participant in ITEX's distribution channels, who may be involved in distributing PRODUCTS, XXX and/or DERIVATIVES. CORE ELEMENTS: Elements in either the ADSLC, the SACHEM or the SOFTWARE which are identified in Annex 1.4 as a CORE ELEMENT.