Distributor definition

Distributor means a person who distributes.
Distributor means any natural or legal person in the supply chain, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who makes a product available on the market;
Distributor means the party, other than the Trust, to the contract described in Section 3.1 hereof.

Examples of Distributor in a sentence

  • Service area: Urban: Distributor to define geographically; Rural: all areas other than Urban and Remote Rural; and Remote Rural: Distributor to define geographically.

  • For any DS Offering which Customer obtains through a Distributor, Customer agrees that Distributor is responsible for pricing, payment collection and delivery of any orders it accepts.

  • The Distributor will: Urban: restore supply within 3 hours of notification of an Urban Unplanned Service Interruption; Rural: restore supply within 6 hours of notification of a Rural Unplanned Service Interruption; and Remote Rural: restore supply within 12 hours of notification of a Remote Rural Unplanned Service Interruption.

  • Frequency of Service Interruptions and short interruptions at ICPs. Urban: No more than 4 per annum recorded by the Distributor or reported by the Consumer; Rural: No more than 10 per annum recorded by the Distributor or reported by the Consumer; and Remote Rural: No more than 20 per annum recorded by the Distributor or reported by the Consumer.

  • In consideration of the rights, licenses and services provided hereunder, Customer shall pay the charges applicable to each DS Offering and Support Services at the price identified in the applicable Transaction Document (or quote, if ordered through a Distributor).

More Definitions of Distributor

Distributor means a party furnishing services to the Trust pursuant to any contract described in Section 4.2 hereof.
Distributor shall have the meaning designated in Section 5.2(c) hereof.
Distributor means any person to whom a consumer product is sold or supplied for the purposes of resale or distribution in commerce, except that manufacturers, retailers, and consumers are not distributors.
Distributor means the party identified as such in this Agreement;
Distributor means the entity, which has a contract with the Fund(s) to serve as distributor of the shares of such Fund(s). In any case where there is no Distributor, the duties assigned hereunder to the Distributor may be performed by the Fund(s) or by an entity that has a contract to perform management or investment advisory services for the Fund(s).
Distributor means any person or entity to which SAP markets and distributes certain Software in connection with the “SAP PartnerEdge Sell On Premise Distribution Model”; a list of available distributors is displayed on SAP’s partner-dedicated website.
Distributor means a person who: