Other Participant definition

Other Participant means a cooperative project participant other than the United States.
Other Participant means, other than an Eligible Director or an Eligible Employee, any person engaged to provide ongoing management, advisory, consulting, technical or other services (other than services provided in relation to a distribution of securities of the Company) for the Company or a Designated Affiliate, or any employee of such person, under a written contract between the Company and such person, and who spends or will spend a significant amount of time and attention on the affairs and business of the Company or a Designated Affiliate and has a relationship with the Company or a Designated Affiliate that enables such person to be knowledgeable about the business and affairs of the Company or Designated Affiliate, as the case may be;
Other Participant means (i) health care providers, (ii) non-health care providers, such as payers, and Individuals engaged in population health management, care management, or quality improvement, in each case, to the extent permitted by Applicable Law to be a participant in CRISP, or (iii) community based organizations who provide social service or other supports and who have secured patient authorization to access EHI or (iv) government agencies, in each case, who sign an agreement in substantially the same form as this Agreement or such other form as is deemed appropriate by CRISP.

Examples of Other Participant in a sentence

  • Other Participant in its Award, except FTA and the Applicant (and later, the Recipient).

  • The maximum number of Common Shares reserved for issue to any one Other Participant upon the exercise of Options in any 12 month period shall not exceed 2% of the number of Common Shares then outstanding.

  • The Other Participant is responsible for placing a F&O Order in response to the instructions received from the Participant, with a F&O Executing Participant.

  • The F&O Executing Participant may pay to the Participant and/or the Other Participant a proportion of the commission or other fees paid by the Client to the F&O Executing Participant in respect of Derivatives Contracts traded on behalf of the Client.

  • The Client will pay to the Other Participant, in addition to any amount payable to the Participant under clause 8 or the F&O Executing Participant under clause 30.1, commission and/or management fees (if any) at the rates notified by the Other Participant to the Client.

More Definitions of Other Participant

Other Participant means a coopera- tive project participant other than the United States.225.871–3 General.(a) Cooperative project authority. (1) Departments and agencies, that have authority to do so, may enter into co- operative project agreements with NATO or with one or more member countries of NATO under DoDD 5530.3, International Agreements.(2) Under laws and regulations gov- erning the negotiation and implemen- tation of cooperative project agree- ments, departments and agencies may enter into contracts, or incur other ob- ligations, on behalf of other partici- pants without charge to any appropria- tion or contract authorization.
Other Participant means a Co-organization whose participation in the Grant Project is defined in the Project Proposal, and with whom the Organization executes an Agreement on Participation in the Grant Project following the award of funding to the Project. Pursuant to article 1(5) (a) of the Regulation, a Beneficiary based outside the Czech Republic is required to have a branch or an establishment in the Czech Republic on or before the date of the first remittance of the funding.
Other Participant means an individual or entity participant on the Data Republic Platform (other than the Participant), such individual or entity having entered into a Data Republic Software Agreement with Data Republic.
Other Participant means a Participant who is not a Covered Employee Participant.
Other Participant as defined in Section 8.6(b).
Other Participant means any employee of the Company or any of its Affiliates (1) holding a position evaluated or classified at or above the "D-Band" level or its equivalent, and identified in the Company's records as affected by the limitations on covered compensation described in Section 401(a)(17) of the Code or the limitations on benefits described in Section 415 of the Code or who has an Account with a positive balance, or (2) holding a position evaluated or classified at or above the "E-Band" level or its equivalent, in either case, only if the Administrator determines that such group of employees shall be eligible to participate in the Plan.
Other Participant means a co-organization whose participation in the grant project is defined in the project proposal and with whom the organization concludes an agreement on participation in carrying out the grant project following allocation of support for the project. According to article 1 (5) a) of the Regulation is the beneficiary based outside the Czech Republic required to have a branch established in the Czech Republic to the date of the payment of the subsidy.