OMP definition

OMP means Occupational Medical PractitionerCOVID 19 Risk Assessment:

Examples of OMP in a sentence

  • Comment on the ministry skills you want to develop during this OMP, and what you will do to achieve them.

  • Student’s fulfillment of role expectations/objectives during the OMP experience:(No Effort Made)2 3 45 (Enthusiastically Fulfilled) 2.

  • Disappearances during the war and its aftermath remained unresolved.In February the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) received authorization to issue Interim Reports (which can be used to obtain a Certificate of Absence) to the relatives of the missing and disappeared.

  • On December 11, the OMP published online lists of those reported missing or disappeared for 24 districts.

  • Briefly describe your general duties and/or role expectations as a student on this OMP project.

More Definitions of OMP

OMP means Organised Market Place as defined in Article 8(6) of REMIT and Article 8(2) of the Implementing Regulation.
OMP has the meaning ascribed thereto in subsection 2.23(a).
OMP has the meaning ascribed to such term in the preamble.
OMP or “Organized Market Place” means (a) a multilateral system, which brings together or facilitates the bringing together of multiple third party buying and selling interests in wholesale energy products in a way that results in a contract; (b) any other system or facility in which multiple third-party buying and selling interests in wholesale energy products are able to interact in a way that results in a contract. These include electricity and gas exchanges, brokers and other persons professionally arranging transactions, and trading venues as defined in Article 4 of Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.