Purchaser definition

Purchaser means the organization purchasing the goods.
Purchaser means the entity purchasing the Goods and related services, as specified in the bidding document.
Purchaser means the entity purchasing the Goods and Related Services, as specified in the SCC.

Examples of Purchaser in a sentence

For example: One, seven3, 14, 975 and 6,650 (for consistency reasons, three is written as a figure in this case)4.25 and 4¼During the initial three years of the Term, Purchaser shall order at least 4, 8 and 21 containers, respectively.

Statutory recourse claims of Purchaser against Seller shall only exist insofar as Purchaser and its customers have not concluded any kind of agreement which exceeds the statutory warranty claims.

If Seller, for reasons of protection of human health or the environment, is unable to include the use as an identified use and if Purchaser nonetheless intends to use the Products in the way advised against by Seller, then Seller shall have the right to withdraw from the contract.

Unless a carriage free delivery has been agreed, Purchaser shall also bear any increases in shipping rates, any additional costs resulting from re-routing a shipment, storage expenses, etc., occurring after the supply agreement has been concluded.

Until receipt of full payment of all current and future receivables under the current business relationship between Seller and Purchaser including incidental receivables and claims for damages (“Secured Receivables”) Seller reserves title in the Products sold (“Products under Title Retention”).

More Definitions of Purchaser

Purchaser means a person to whom the Board of Directors has offered the right to acquire Shares under the Plan (other than upon exercise of an Option).
Purchaser or “Purchasers” means each of the purchasers that has executed and delivered this Agreement to the Company and such Purchaser’s successors and assigns (so long as any such assignment complies with Section 13.2), provided, however, that any Purchaser of a Note that ceases to be the registered holder or a beneficial owner (through a nominee) of such Note as the result of a transfer thereof pursuant to Section 13.2 shall cease to be included within the meaning of “Purchaser” of such Note for the purposes of this Agreement upon such transfer.
Purchaser means the organisation purchasing the goods.
Purchaser means the organization purchasing goods and services as incorporated in the Tender Enquiry document.
Purchaser means the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) or any other person for the time being or from time to time duly appointed in writing by the Purchaser to act as Purchaser for the purposes of the Contract.
Purchaser means a person that takes by purchase.
Purchaser means the organization purchasing goods and services, i.e., Coal India Limited or its subsidiaries or areas falling under various subsidiaries of Coal India Limited;