Purchaser definition

Purchaser means the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) or any other person for the time being or from time to time duly appointed in writing by the Purchaser to act as Purchaser for the purposes of the Contract.

Examples of Purchaser in a sentence

  • The Purchaser shall incur no liability, solely, by virtue of its invoking sub-rule (1) of Rule-35 of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014 towards the bidders.

  • If at any time the Purchaser nominates any person to take up the assignment of the residential property, sub-sells the residential property or transfer the benefit of the agreement for sale and purchase in any manner whatsoever or enter into any agreement so to do before completion of the sale and purchase and execution of the assignment, the then remaining balance of the Transaction Price shall be paid by the Purchaser within two calendar months.

  • The Financial Proposals will be opened in the presence of the Bidders at the time and venue indicated by the Purchaser accordingly.

  • Should the Purchaser wish to pay the then remaining balance of the Transaction Price earlier than the Balance Payment Date, the Purchaser may at any time after the First Instalment Payment Date but before the date falling one calendar month before the date of the Balance Payment Date issue a written notice to the Vendor in which case the Purchaser shall pay the then remaining balance of the Transaction Price on the date falling one calendar month after the date of that notice.

  • The Purchaser shall also pay and bear the legal costs and disbursements in respect of any mortgage.

More Definitions of Purchaser

Purchaser has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Purchaser shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Purchaser or “Purchasers” means each of the purchasers that has executed and delivered this Agreement to the Company and such Purchaser’s successors and assigns (so long as any such assignment complies with Section 13.2), provided, however, that any Purchaser of a Note that ceases to be the registered holder or a beneficial owner (through a nominee) of such Note as the result of a transfer thereof pursuant to Section 13.2 shall cease to be included within the meaning of “Purchaser” of such Note for the purposes of this Agreement upon such transfer.