Second Restatement Date definition

Second Restatement Date means October 20, 2011.
Second Restatement Date in each place set forth therein shall be deemed to be “February 2018 Refinancing Facility Effective Date”, the wordsSecond Restatement Transactions” shall be deemed to be “February 2018 Refinancing Facility Transactions” and the parenthetical in Section 3.13(a) of the Credit Agreement shall be disregarded; and (c) as of the February 2018 Refinancing Facility Effective Date, after giving effect to this Agreement, no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or would reasonably be expected to result from the borrowing of the New Tranche G Term Loans and the use of the proceeds thereof.
Second Restatement Date has the meaning set out in the Third Supplemental Deed.

Examples of Second Restatement Date in a sentence

  • The Department and the COPA Parties have agreed to amend and restate the First Restatement of the Terms of Certification by entering into these Second Amended and Restated Terms of Certification, the effectiveness of which on the Second Restatement Date is expressly conditioned upon the COPA Parties’ execution of these Terms of Certification evidencing their joint and several agreement and commitment to abide by, and to be subject to, all of the Terms of Certification.

More Definitions of Second Restatement Date

Second Restatement Date means the date on which the conditions precedent set out in Clause 3.1 are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the Agent.
Second Restatement Date means the first date all the conditions precedent in Section 4.01 are satisfied or waived in accordance with Section 10.01.
Second Restatement Date has the meaning set forth in the Credit Agreement.
Second Restatement Date means August 31, 2000.
Second Restatement Date means March 11, 2010.
Second Restatement Date means December 6, 2013.