Agency Fees definition

Agency Fees. On each order accepted by us for a Fund with a sales charge, we understand that you will charge your customer an agency commission or agency transaction fee ("agency fee") as set forth in the schedule of sales concessions and agency fees set forth in that Fund's Prospectus, as it may be amended from time to time. This fee shall be subject to the provisions of all terms set forth in the Prospectus for volume purchases and special plans and accounts (e.g. retirement plans, letter of intent, etc.). You will not receive from us a dealer's concession or similar allowance out of the sales charge. The agency fee will not exceed the maximum limits on sales charges specified in Rule 2830 of the Conduct Rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (the "NASD") regardless of whether you are a member of the NASD or not. You will not accept or withhold any fee otherwise allowed under the terms of this Agreement, for any shares purchased under this Agreement, if prohibited by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act or trust or similar laws to which you are subject, in the case of purchases or redemptions of Fund shares involving retirement plans, trusts or similar accounts. You may elect to make payments for Fund shares in either of two ways: (a) you may send us the public offering price for the Fund shares purchased less the amount of the agency fee due you, or (b) you or your customer may send us the entire public offering price for the Fund shares and we will, on a periodic basis, remit to you the agency fee due. You will specify in writing the method of payment you elect (See NOTICES AND COMMUNICATIONS Section below). If any shares sold to your customer under the terms of this Agreement are repurchased by the Fund or by us, or are tendered to a Fund for redemption or repurchase, within seven (7) business days after the date of the confirmation of the original purchase order, you will promptly refund to us the full agency fee paid or allowed to you on such shares. This Section shall not apply to the extent that you or your customer is qualified to buy, and is buying, shares at net asset value.
Agency Fees means the fees charged by the Grant Agent and agreed to by the Board of Directors in order to assist in the defrayment of administrative and other costs incurred in connection with the management and administration of Cash Transfers.
Agency Fees shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.05(b).

Examples of Agency Fees in a sentence

  • We will verify Recology calculated the proper amounts based on the type and amount of Agency Fees included in Attachment M of each Member Agency’s Franchise Agreement and any subsequent changes.

  • Subtask 2a – Verify Annual Amounts in Revenue Reconciliation Report Ties to Accounting RecordsWe will meet with the appropriate Recology staff to discuss the source documents used to populate each section of the revenue reconciliation report (i.e., Gross Revenues Billed, Payments to Authority, Payments to Agencies for Agency Fees, and Revenues Attributable to Unscheduled Services).

  • We will rely on the SBWMA staff to gather the current Agency Fees approved by each Member Agency during calendar year 2012.

  • Program OpportunitiesSocial Media Marketing SupportEligible partners will receive the following per new initiative:● $2,500 (plus HST and fees) of social media advertising directed to the partners website home page or Facebook page through Facebook/Instagram sponsored ads.▪ RTO7 will cover additional Agency Fees to set up the campaign.

  • Discrepancies identified during the conduct of this task will result in a Member Agency being owed underpaid Agency Fees from Recology or owing overpaid Agency Fees back to Recology.

More Definitions of Agency Fees

Agency Fees means payments made to a person for acting on behalf of any other person or group of persons, or on behalf of the Government and excludes any payments made by an agent on behalf of a principal when such payments are recoverable;
Agency Fees has the meaning specified in Section 5.4(b).
Agency Fees means all fees, costs, expenses, indemnities, claims, demands, legal fees, liabilities and other amounts specified in The Bank of New York Mellon Fee Letter and/or the Bond Issuer Administrator Fee Letter as payable by the Bond Issuer and the Note Issuer in accordance with the provisions of the Transaction Documents to the Bond Agents, the Note Agents, the Account Banks, the Japanese Trustee and any party as may be notified to the Transaction Administrator by either of the Bond Issuer or the Note Issuer from time to time.
Agency Fees means in relation to each Scheme and in relation to any fees, costs, expenses or charges payable in accordance with any Legislation by Valpak in relation to the Member and/or on the Member's behalf in relation to the Member's membership of such Scheme;
Agency Fees means all fees collected by or on behalf of the Seller Parties and any of their Affiliates with respect to Agented Loans.
Agency Fees shall have the meaning provided in Section 8.10 of the Participation Agreement.