Placement Fee definition

Placement Fee has the meaning given thereto in Section 2(a) hereof;
Placement Fee or “placement agent fee” means a net fee, after any offsets, (i) to a placement agent or
Placement Fee means the fee that is payable by the Client to Randstad if the Client employs a Candidate or otherwise in the circumstances described in clause 3.2, charged in accordance with the Fee Schedule.

Examples of Placement Fee in a sentence

  • The amount of proceeds to be delivered to the Corporation on a Settlement Date against the receipt of the Placement Shares sold will be equal to the aggregate sales price at which such Placement Shares were sold, after deduction for the Placement Fee for such sales payable by the Corporation to the applicable Agent pursuant to Section 2 hereof and expenses pursuant to Section 8(h) hereof (the “Net Proceeds”).

More Definitions of Placement Fee

Placement Fee means any compensation or payment of a commission, finder's fee, bonus or any other benefit to be paid to a Placement Agent to perform sponsoring and/or brokering services on behalf of an Investment Consultant, whether paid directly or indirectly, in connection with the placement/investment of specific investors (i.e., SERS and/or a third-party investor). A Placement Fee could be paid in connection with an Investment ultimately made with an Investment Manager by SERS and/or an investment made by a third-party investor, to broker an introduction between the Investment Manager and SERS and/or a third-party investor, or for making a favorable recommendation regarding a specific Investment Manager to SERS and/or a third-party investor.
Placement Fee means any thing of value, paid, or directed to be paid, including retainer fees for providing information on employment opportunities, for the service of procuring or attempting to procure employment for persons seeking employment, or for procuring or attempting to procure employees for employers seeking applicants, or charges by persons performing services as defined in item (b) of this section.
Placement Fee means the commission or fee payable by a Client of the Agency to the Agency for its placement service, which placement fee may be varied by the Agency from time to time on the giving of no less than two (2) weeks’ notice.
Placement Fee. ’ means the full fee for placing a Candidate with a Client after the initial Registration Fee is paid
Placement Fee means the fee that is payable by the Client to Randstad if the Client employs a Contractor or Temporary Employee or an employee or consultant of Randstad, as notified by Randstad.
Placement Fee means the fee charged to You for permanent recruitment services provided by Red.
Placement Fee means $1,625,000.