Shares Purchased Sample Clauses

Shares Purchased. Sub shall have purchased Shares pursuant to the Offer, provided this condition shall be deemed to be satisfied if Sub fails to accept for payment and pay for Shares in violation of the Offer.
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Shares Purchased. The Purchasers will have agreed to purchase all the Shares, and each Purchaser will have signed this Agreement, such that the Purchasers will, in the aggregate, have agreed to purchase 13,333,331 shares of Common Stock of the Company at the Per Share Purchase Price.
Shares Purchased. Each of the Investors shall have purchased, in accordance with this Agreement, the number of Shares set forth opposite its name on Schedule 2.1, other than any Investors that have terminated the Agreement pursuant to Section 10.4(ii).
Shares Purchased. Following the Grantee’s exercise of the Grantee’s rights to purchase shares of Common Stock under this Agreement, the shares of Common Stock purchased by the Grantee will be freely tradable, subject to the Company’s policies and the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) rules regarding insider trading. Executive officers and members of the Board are required to comply with SEC Rule 144 and with the Company’s policies with respect to insider trading in connection with any sale of shares received upon the exercise of any stock options.
Shares Purchased. On the Closing Date (defined in paragraph 3 below), IRT/ITR shall transfer all of the shares of IRT/ITR to Dynamic such that Dynamic shall own One Hundred Percent (100%) of the shares of IRT/ITR.
Shares Purchased. Pursuant to this Agreement, Seller agrees to sell Shares to Purchasers for an aggregate purchase price of USD$200,000, at a per share purchase price which shall be USD$10.5 per share. Purchasers agree to purchase Shares for the purchase price above.
Shares Purchased. Shares purchased or subscribed (which hereinafter means subscribed and paid in) through exercise of OPTION RIGHTS by ELIGIBLE PERSONS.
Shares Purchased. The Buyer hereby agrees to purchase Common Shares at $ (U.S.) per share, for a total purchase price of $ .
Shares Purchased. This subscription is for __________ SHARES in the total purchase amount of $______________, to be registered as follows: