Shares Purchased Sample Clauses

Shares Purchased. Sub shall have purchased Shares pursuant to the Offer, provided this condition shall be deemed to be satisfied if Sub fails to accept for payment and pay for Shares in violation of the Offer.
Shares Purchased. The Purchasers will have agreed to purchase all the Shares, and each Purchaser will have signed this Agreement, such that the Purchasers will, in the aggregate, have agreed to purchase 8,200,000 shares of Common Stock of the Company at the Per Unit Purchase Price.
Shares Purchased. Each of the Investors shall have purchased, in accordance with this Agreement, the number of Shares set forth opposite its name on Schedule 2.1, other than any Investors that have terminated the Agreement pursuant to Section 10.4(ii).
Shares Purchased. On the Closing Date (defined in paragraph 3 below), IRT/ITR shall transfer all of the shares of IRT/ITR to Dynamic such that Dynamic shall own One Hundred Percent (100%) of the shares of IRT/ITR.
Shares Purchased. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, and in reliance on the representations and warranties contained herein being correct on the Closing Date, Buyer shall purchase from each of the Shareholders, and each of the Shareholders shall sell to Buyer, all of the Shares of the Shareholders for the consideration described in this Agreement.
Shares Purchased. The Holder and the Company shall maintain records showing the number of Warrant Shares purchased and the date of such purchases. The Company shall deliver any objection to any Notice of Exercise within one (1) Business Day of receipt of such notice. The Holder and any assignee, by acceptance of this Warrant, acknowledge and agree that, by reason of the provisions of this paragraph, following the purchase of a portion of the Warrant Shares hereunder, the number of Warrant Shares available for purchase hereunder at any given time may be less than the amount stated on the face hereof. For the avoidance of doubt, and without limiting the rights of a Holder to utilize a cashless exercise pursuant to Section 2(c) and receive unrestricted shares, at any time during which there is no effective registration statement for the issuance or resale of the Warrant Shares, the Company may settle a cash exercise of the Warrant with unregistered common stock. Notwithstanding the foregoing in this Section 2(a), a holder whose interest in this Warrant is a beneficial interest in certificate(s) representing this Warrant held in book-entry form through DTC (or another established clearing corporation performing similar functions), shall effect exercises made pursuant to this Section 2(a) by delivering to DTC (or such other clearing corporation, as applicable) the appropriate instruction form for exercise, complying with the procedures to effect exercise that are required by DTC (or such other clearing corporation, as applicable), subject to a Holder’s right to elect to receive a Warrant in certificated form pursuant to the terms of the Warrant Agent Agreement, in which case this sentence shall not apply.
Shares Purchased. The Buyer hereby agrees to purchase Common Shares at $ (U.S.) per share, for a total purchase price of $ .
Shares Purchased. Trinity is purchasing from Sellers: From CHIT a majority interest in CHIT in the amount of 7,532,514,828 shares of common from treasury stock representing 80 % of all outstanding common stock; and all of CHIT Class A Preferred stock, which each individual Share of Preferred A has voting rights equal to four times the sum of: i) the total number of shares of Common Stock which are issued and outstanding at the time of voting, plus ii) the total number of votes of all other classes of preferred stock which are issued and outstanding at the time of voting: From CHIT: 7,532,514,828 shares of common stock which represents 80% of all outstanding common stock From Jxxxxxx: 1,000,000 shares of preferred A stock of CHIT; From Exxxxxx: 1,000,000 shares of preferred A stock of CHIT; From Kxxxx: 1,000,000 shares of preferred A stock of CHIT.
Shares Purchased. Pursuant to this Agreement, Seller agrees to sell Shares to Purchasers for an aggregate purchase price of USD$200,000, at a per share purchase price which shall be USD$10.5 per share. Purchasers agree to purchase Shares for the purchase price above.